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Ghar Ki Murgi Dal Barabar

A famed proverb, Ghar Ki Murgi Daal Barabar,  when literally decoded means that even a dish as delish as chicken if cooked at home is an equivalent to the homemade dal (lentil soup) which is blaah in taste.  
On the contrary, We love our homemade Dal Rice or Varan Bhat (वरण भात ). Nothing is as soothing a steam Rice, bubbly hot वरण (daal), with तूप (Ghee or clarified butter), accompanied with mango pickle & fried papad. Ohhh .... my my.... Food Heaven. 

Dal is highly undermined dish. Being the easiest source of plant protein , dals must be incorporated into our food plans often to have a wholesome balanced diet. Plus these pulses are so versatile with few value additions of spices and veggies they are a healthy comfort food by themselves.
They are so many variations of dal recipes available on the internet that even if we plan to make one new recipe in a week then in an year we would oddly be trying out 50 new variants of dal. Howz that???  😆
Dal is an ideal way to camouflage va…

Our Top 5 Shopping Sites or Apps

There was a time when AmHi would spend time gazing through the aisles of a grocery store, checking out different products, plan meals and then stand in the long queue without any annoyance  at the billing counter gossiping about life in general.

But since #crazyfoodieonliltoes came into our lives, Physical Shopping has a been a big NO! The little man just cannot handle stores. We have tried taking him to different stores,big small, but take him in inside a shop and he just loses his cool and we lose our patience.

That's how we first turned to online shopping and then of course the array of offers available do leverage this choice. So bringing to you our top 5 apps/ sites where we love shopping.

No1. Amazon App\

Well, this one is a no brainer. We are Amazon Prime subscribers too that makes shopping on amazon all the more convenient because the delivery is expedited. Electronics, my latest Moto G4 plus, Diapers, kitchen organisers, little man's cradle, wall sticker…

Am-ch-Hi .... Engagement Story :)

No, it is not an extraordinary tale. No, it is not very bollywood-y either.
And no we did not elope in order to conquer our love😆 [ ......Ok,we did talk about running away couple of times when our parents were still in the phase of analyzing if this was "THERISHTA"😀 ]

But, it is worth sharing with our readers. So here it is.....

Rewinding two months back from the engagement, we met via Loksatta Matrimonial Ad. Yep, as cliche as it gets my parents had "advertised" me (my profile) in a very popular marathi newspaper to which my father-in-law (FIL) had reverted and my mother had acted upon by enforcing "the  स्थळ evaluation process".

Those who are not aware about this process let me give you a quick summary from start-to-finish.
Promote the Candidate bylooks obviously😡works atearns this muchstays hereFind a Candidate for the Candidate via those powerful networking skills which will embarrass Facebook too. Once suitable candidate is on the radarGet the bir…

Breakfast Routine

AmHi are mutually exclusive to each other when it comes to rising early. 'Am' loves getting up early even on  the weekends and 'Hi' can keep on snuggling till the sun hits the roof. Having said that nowadays as parents we find that this is the only hour where we get our time, our couple time. Hence WE make a deliberate effort to wake up together and enjoy a cup of tea with the chirping sparrows. Over five years of being married,we both have grown into the habit of not making the start of the day difficult for each other. This is our suggestion to other couples as well,

sit down the night before for a minute, ask each other what they intend to do the next day if one wants to sleep late or get up earlyand then begin your mornings accordingly.  Healthy morning routine sets the mood for the entire day, now you want it grumpy or smiley it's solely up to you . Thus regular breakfast routine is fairly monotonous with respect to food. Elaborate breakfasts are bit of challen…

our Take on Takeouts

A significant era ago eating at home meant eating home-made or rather ma ke haath ka khana (food made by mother); not anymore. With online-food-ordering-mobile-apps at our finger tip, getting meals from your fav restaurant or for that matter getting a meal from a resto within a radius on 2-3 km is just a credit card pin away.

WE have been ordering-in food a lot lately. Why? Mostly Temptation & Laziness.
Temptation, because approximately an hour prior to meal time the apps pop up a notification,       Hey @crazyfoodiesontoes, Hungry??? What would you like to have? Chinese??? and that's it. Scrolling, scrolling...... just checking the offers and Tadah!! your meal will be delivered in 60 mins.  
Laziness, well do we even need to explain this?

Take outs can be fun for a while but later on all the budget friendly take outs, taste the same eventually making you nauseous. Bloating, weight gain, obesity, cholesterol, wallet burners are few devils to name why not to indulge in take-outs …

The Playgroup or The Pre-School Charade

Any new phase with your kid is going to be a parody of parenting norms. Yep, now that we are in this game for the past two years we can vouch that if you as a parent think or expect  "XYZ" then your kid is ready with  "ABCdef......wha no no.....oh u say XYZ how about...go to hell I will do as I please." Thus when you talk about taming these mini cute looking tornados and pushing them into a controlled environment like a playgroup, parents beware you going to love this roller coaster.

Let's divide this topic broadly into following:
Deciding: Yes, I want to put my child into a playgroup. Yes, I want to be part of this charade.Selecting: Now I need an institute where my child can go create a mess which otherwise happens at home. Yes, you will end up having a Phd on which school is the best so congratulations on that as well.Enjoying: Now that I have signed up for this might as well enjoy it otherwise boy oh boy you will be in trouble if you don't.

How not to be a Crazy Mother?

SAHM, Stay-at-home-mother, or being a working mother is a CHOICE. A choice made by a woman, a mother either circumstantially or intentionally to nurture ker kids as per her life goals & priorities. Lately, the debate of SAHM v/s Working Mom is so hyped that everyone just wants to find solace in blaming the other community for not being able to do optimal for the kids rather than helping each other raise a better human generation. A mother is a mother; why typecast her?

A mother is always in stress irrespective of her choice to work for a living or not. A mother is always following a routine which can get on her nerves.Keeping that in mind I am noting down my top 5 ultimate stress busters which have helped me overcome the monotony of motherhood and maintain my sanity so that I can take care of my beloved.

So my five-point-some-things are:
📚 Getting Organised✎ Being Creative👯 Beauty Regime📺 Entertainment✊ Punching Let me now explain.

Getting Organised:
Now this will be the last th…

Amit-wali Dal

Every Indian household has its favourite dal. Some like their dals spicy with lots of tadka, some like the plain jane varan, while some like it with just jeera and some like their dal to be a combo of sweet-n-spicy-n-tangy like Amit. 
Amit introduced this sweet & spicy dal to my (Himshree) side of the family who usually prefered savoury dals including me. Thus when this sweet-spicy-tangy dal was served for the first time bomb of flavours bursted on our palates. It did took us a bit to get accustomed to this taste but now whenever Amit's in-laws (my parents) visit they demand amit-wali dal fromhimskitchen
So let start cooking amit_wali dal.

Serves:  3-4 people
Ingredients:  Toor Dal/ Pigeon split and skinned - 1 cupHing/ Asafoetida - one to two pinchHalad/ Turmeric- 1/2 tbspLal mirch powder/ Red Chili powder/ Paprika - 1 tbspHirvi Mirchi/ Green Chili- 3-4 diced ( you can increase or reduce depending on your preference)Kokam/Amsul/ Garcinia indica- 4-5 pieces Sakhar/ Sugar or Gul/ …

Ratnagiri Acquarium and Museum

Every city has its own gems it is just they are waiting to be brought into being. In our last trip to Ratnagiri we found one such humble place which locks up the entire sea life inside it. We are talking about the Ratnagiri Aquarium and museum situated at Mirya Bandar Road in Ratnagiri.  
This aquarium may not be equipped state of the art technology but they maintain the fauna with lot of care. Travelling with your kids ? Want to introduce them to the fish world then you can surely stop by here. Pay a miniscule entry fee and for half hour to 45 minutes kids will be introduced to their new frivolous friends. 
After visiting the aquarium you can go to Lokmanya Tilka's Birth House, then Thiba Palace, Patit Pawan Temple,  Ratnagiri Jetty and lastly visit Bhatte beach for a beautiful sunset 🌇