Lenskart Shopping Experience

Ecommerce in India was an apprehension few year in the past, not anymore. Today it is first preference for shopping. Also, with the current 'Indian currency demonetization-phase' it has become a necessity. 

Today we discuss our online shopping experience of eyeglasses from www.lenskart.com 
Please be informed that is not a sponsered post.We have purchased the eyewear and we loved it hence we are sharing about our experience. 

 +CrazyFoodies onToes  have been mostly shopping online since our son, Arha was born. Right from our groceries to our son's cradle we have been loyal online shoppers. Infact that gives us an idea for our next post like say top five ecom websites we shop from, hmmm. Let me know down in the comments below if its a yay or a nay idea?!

Coming back to shopping on lenskart.com; well it was frankly out of our comfort zone because both of us that's Amit & Himshree have been using specs from a really young age thus were used to the ritual of buying an eyeglass from an optician. 

What prompted us to shop on lenskart? Instagram 

Yep. We saw their instagram ad which had an offer for purchasing two eyewear at a cost of 1500₹ while we were updating our instagram account.  (Follow Us in Instagram  ➤ crazyfoodiesontoes )
We felt why not give it a try and we are so glad about it. 

As we were using the offer, navigating through the website was bit overwhelming at the beginning but after few wrong turns we were good to go. The best part about the website is  the "DITTO". The websites via your webcam captures your photo and creates a 3D view of your face trying out their eyewear. 

Thus at a single go you can see yourself wearing numerous eyeglasses or sunglasses and check out what suits your face. Once you like what suits your face you can later select the size of the frame based on the gender and size/shape of your face like small or medium.

Add to the cart and then select what kind of glass quality you would love, they have 3-5 type of glass options that suits your eye requirement and budget. Lastly you add your prescription either by scanning or keying the axis.

We usually pay through our credit cards when we shop online either because
  • their is some cashback offer 
  • we are confident of the product quality that will be delivered
  • even if there is a return, it's ok, we know we will get a refund
  • and lastly we usually do not keep much cash at home coz we are too lazy to go to the ATM. 
In this case we were so skeptical that we opted for Cash on Delivery [COD] option later to realise that it wouldn't have mattered anyways because lenkart used third party logistics. They have a specific return protocol that needs the customer to fill out a feedback form and send the eyewear back to lenskart office via post if any issues, along with the original packaging. But we had a wonderful experience thus did not even have to glance at return policy until this post.

The quality of the glasses and the frame were top notch and as they claim,'made by robots'. Overall we had a great experience with lenskart and I would highly recommend all my friends and followers.

Consult your ophthalmologist before buying a new pair of eyeglasses. We follow of rule of checking our eyes once every one and half years. if you are wondering how I looked with my new glasses... :)

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