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Lenskart Shopping Experience

Ecommerce in India was an apprehension few year in the past, not anymore. Today it is first preference for shopping. Also, with the current 'Indian currency demonetization-phase' it has become a necessity. 
Today we discuss our online shopping experience of eyeglasses from Please be informed that is not a sponsered post.We have purchased the eyewear and we loved it hence we are sharing about our experience. 
+CrazyFoodies onToes  have been mostly shopping online since our son, Arha was born. Right from our groceries to our son's cradle we have been loyal online shoppers. Infact that gives us an idea for our next post like say top five ecom websites we shop from, hmmm. Let me know down in the comments below if its a yay or a nay idea?!
Coming back to shopping on; well it was frankly out of our comfort zone because both of us that's Amit & Himshree have been using specs from a really young age thus were used to the ritual of buying an ey…