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Happy Salad Face

I was browsing through my old hard disk to find some inspiration for a new post that is when I came across these few snaps of a quick salad which I still make at times just without the eggs. Those who have been following me through my blog journey know about my current vegetarian status those who do not know can read here.
Nothing fancy about this salad, like literally nothing.

Ingredients:  Salad DressingExtra virgin olive oilChilli flakesMixed herbsJuice of half a lemonSalad VeggiesIceberg lettuce Bell peppers- Red/Yellow or both Boiled CornSalt to taste And extra Dash of Crushed Blacky Black Pepper. Boiled egg- one egg cut into fours. (This is optional)  Method:
Clean the veggies and thereby chop into bite size pieces. Mix everything up along with the salad dressing.Garnish with boiled eggs if you are using else just grab the fork. 
Perfect supper for the imperfect moods!!!

Pssst.... these pics are back from 2010-11 when I did have eggs. 
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Jai Vinayak Temple

We are already reminiscing the festival vibe of Ganesh Utsav 2016. The preps, food, guests, decor, flowers, prayers, chanting aarti and modaks; everything about Ganesh Utsav is mesmerizing. Of Course, I am not talking about 'Sarvajanik Ganesh Utsavs'.  Lately we foresee that maybe...Bal Gangadhar Tilak ,who started this festival galore in the first place, will take a rebirth to stop this chaos....'maybe'.

Well having said that let us take you to a temple of Lord Ganesh which is far off from all chaos and located amidst tranquillity. We take you to Jai Vinayak Mandir located at Jaigad, Ratnagiri. Close to Ganapatipule this worship place is a must see not just for religious beliefs but for its architecture, structured garden and serenity.

Where is it located? 

Jai Vinayak Mandir is a Ganesh Temple located approximately 19 kms away from Ganpatipule Ganesh temple. You will travel parallel to the beautiful Malgund Beach in order to reach this location which is at Jaigad. Thi…