Arha's First Birthday

Birthdays for AmHi (Amit & Himshree) means doing something new or eating someplace new or seeing someplace new. There must be some innovation on that day cause you are never gonna be that old again, It can be crazy or it can be sane but it has to be memorable. By far individually and as a couple we have managed to follow this ritual in our birthday week. 

But now; we are parents and here it becomes very challenging. As an individual or couple we have embraced this lifestyle but as parents we now have to make our son understand the fun of doing-something-innovative and at the same time let him develop his own sense of individuality. 

There will be a time when Arha, our son will call the shots on how he wants to celebrate his birthdays but till then we thought of cultivating a habit of sharing in him. Hence this year on his first birthday which was on 15th August 2016 we shared our meal with the thousands of devotees at Ganpatipule Temple in Ratnagiri. We also shared some school stationery with a boys orphanage named Sandipani at Tamhane, Sangameshwar.

In today's fast paced world it is very easy to get lost in the limelight and make no sense out of it hence this is just a way to help our son stay grounded and yet envision to conquer the sky. Of course we can just try but that's what  parenting is all about.


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