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August 2016

August 2016 is almost to an end and I am already missing it. It was heaps of fun this month. Starting with Arha's Grandfather's 60th birthday then his grandma's birthday. Somehow in our family birthday month buddies concept runs widely. Thus we have August and December as birthday months.
We then took a small weekend vacation on account of  Arha's 1st birthday for which will write a travel log soon. Followed by it was Rakshabandhan and then Krishna Janmashtami. From tomorrow we shall start preparing for Lord Ganesh's arrival. Bottom line it was a fantastic month. 

Leaving you all with a small photo video we created featuring Arha as Krishna.  Hope you all love it. 

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Krishna Janmashtami Puja List

|| श्रीनारायणायनम: ||
Krishna Janmashtami is a festival celebrated across India in gallore. Each Indian state has his distinct way of worshiping Balgopal. Today we share across the list of things we bring for our puja. Do note that the puja samagri will vary region wise and pandit wise as well. 

The list is as follows: तुळस - १०८नारळ - ३+१तांदुळ - १ १/२सुपार्या – २५जानवी जोड - २विड्याची पाने - २१निळा कपडा - १अत्तर बाटली - १फळे - ५केळीचे खांब - ४फुलेदुर्वाआंबे डहाळ - २गजरा अबिरगुलालहळदपिंजररांगोळीकापुरअगरत्तीपंचामृतदुध साखरसमया आरती ताटतांबे - ३तामण - २पेला पळी -१पोहयाचा प्रसादलोण्याचा गोळा

The first two pictures are from 2013 Krishna Janmashtami Puja. The third image is of Arha dressed are Krishna on his first janmashtami which was like 20 days after his birth. Time flew by very quickly and just a week ago we celebrated his First Birthday, Click here to see our humble celebrations. 
Hope this list helps you in organising your puja swiftly. Most of the things are readily available in the …

Arha's First Birthday

Birthdays for AmHi (Amit & Himshree) means doing something new or eating someplace new or seeing someplace new. There must be some innovation on that day cause you are never gonna be that old again, It can be crazy or it can be sane but it has to be memorable. By far individually and as a couple we have managed to follow this ritual in our birthday week. 
But now; we are parents and here it becomes very challenging. As an individual or couple we have embraced this lifestyle but as parents we now have to make our son understand the fun of doing-something-innovative and at the same time let him develop his own sense of individuality. 
There will be a time when Arha, our son will call the shots on how he wants to celebrate his birthdays but till then we thought of cultivating a habit of sharing in him. Hence this year on his first birthday which was on 15th August 2016 we shared our meal with the thousands of devotees at Ganpatipule Temple in Ratnagiri. We also shared some school st…

Two Salads

The holy month of Shravan has begun that means its time for body and soul cleansing. Soul cleansing will gradually take place as we all prepare for the arrival of Lord Ganesh. For the body cleansing today I have two power pack salads. Lets see.

Beetroot Carrot Salad  You will need Beetroot - 1 mediumCarrots - 2 largeCucumber - 1 largeCumin- 2tbspCurry Leaves - 10-12Green Chillies- 2-3Oil- 1 tbspSalt- to tasteNow Grate the beetroot, carrots and cucumber into a bowl.In a tempering vessel, heat oil, green chillies, cumin and curry leaves. The curry leaves need to crisp up. Then add the tempering to bowl of grated vegetable.Cover it with lid for a minute so that the smoky flavor of cumin resonates. Then mix it all up, add dash of salt and serve with some coriander sprig.

Brown Chickpea Salad aka Kala Channa Salad

You will need Boiled Brown Chickpeas- 100 gms ( you can have more also)Finely choppedOnionTomatoGreen ChilliesCorianderRock SaltLemon juiceNow Take boiled kala channa into a bowlThen add…