Wine Review: Turning Point-Shiraz

Wine Name: Turning Point

Type: Shiraz

Color: Maroon Red

Aroma: Fruity

Taste: Spicy

Chill: For half hour before serving.

Spl Note: Gets yummier after a little bit of oxidation that's when the woody flavour is elevated.

Food Pairing: Must have some cheese element as an appetizer or main to cut out the spice.

What we Loved: is the branding of this bottle which emphasis enjoying this wine casually. Many people find drinking wine intimidating but this wine can definitely be a turning point.

Highlight: The label of the bottle can be easily peeled of unlike any other wine bottle thus you can reuse the beautiful green tinch bottle for DIY projects.

Price: Rs. 675/- in Mumbai,Maharashtra (Prices may vary)

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