Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

There couldn't be a perfect time to speak about the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque than today which the last fasting day of the holy month of Ramadan. Tomorrow most of the countries will celebrate Eid al-Fitr so Eid Mubarak everyone.

We had visited this religious monument almost three years back during our Tour of the United Arab Emirates; read more about our tour >> Here 

We had not intended to visit the Grand Mosque because it was not part of our planned itinerary. +CrazyFoodies onToes were actually headed to Abu Dhabi from Sharjah with a rock on mood for "night in the city". It was our cab driver Salaam who insisted that we visit the Grand Mosque because it was located enroute to Abu Dhabi and it is very beautiful. We told him we are not in the preferred dress code to visit such pristine religious monument. He said they provide with ensemble required and that settled the debate.

Infact his words were, "Bahut Khubsurat hai, dekhe bina mat jao" which meant it is very beautiful do not go without visiting it. And we ere glad we accepted his suggestion.

It an architecture par excellence. The aesthetics, the carving, the marble, the gold, the purity, the positivity of the place, the mosque just engulfs you in its beauty. You remain in awe of it. You feel if you touch it you will spoil it. I am a Hindu thus I will not be able to highlight the Islamic values attached to the place but can confidently vouch that this masjid engraves a positivity in your soul which it gathers from the numerous prayers recited in its vicinity.

We visited this place in the night when it was lite in all its glory plus the heat was down thus making immensely pleasurable to wander off in the never ending white corridors. This place is so huge that it gets difficult to capture it in one frame. One must visit this place to let its grandness speak.



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