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Wine Review: Charosa Vineyards Shiraz 2013

Wine Name: Charosa Vineyards

Type: Shiraz- 2013

Color: Dark Dark Blackish Red

Aroma: Woody (the barrels work their magic)

Taste: Spicy

Chill: For half hour before serving.

Spl Note: Gets yummier after a little bit of oxidation that's when the woody flavor is elevated.

Food Pairing: This is a excellent compliment to hot spicy food. Oh the spiciness dances on your palate but have cheese-cherry-pineapple in between no to cut the spicyness but to refresh the palate so that you can savor the toasty aroma of the barrels.

What we Loved: is the rich aroma and spiciness which cuts through all the fruits.

Price: Rs. 800/- in Mumbai,Maharashtra (Prices may vary)

Wine Review: Turning Point-Shiraz

Wine Name: Turning Point

Type: Shiraz

Color: Maroon Red

Aroma: Fruity

Taste: Spicy

Chill: For half hour before serving.

Spl Note: Gets yummier after a little bit of oxidation that's when the woody flavour is elevated.

Food Pairing: Must have some cheese element as an appetizer or main to cut out the spice.

What we Loved: is the branding of this bottle which emphasis enjoying this wine casually. Many people find drinking wine intimidating but this wine can definitely be a turning point.

Highlight: The label of the bottle can be easily peeled of unlike any other wine bottle thus you can reuse the beautiful green tinch bottle for DIY projects.

Price: Rs. 675/- in Mumbai,Maharashtra (Prices may vary)

आषाढी किंवा देवशयनी एकादशी

आषाढी एकादशी म्हणजे पंढरपूर वारी, पालखी उत्सव आणि निरंतर हरिनामाचा गजर. महाराष्ट्रामधे आषाढी एकादशी म्हणजे मोठा उत्सव, सगळ्या वाहिन्यांवर पंढरपूरच्या वारीचे, पालखीचे, रिंगणांचे इत्यादींचे चित्रीकरण पूर्ण दिवस चालू असते. हे सगळे पाहून मन अगदी विठ्ठलमय होऊन जाते - खरे ना? पण बऱ्याच लोकांना हे का करतो आहोत? हा प्रश्न पडत असेलच ना? या ब्लॉगपोस्ट मधे या सगळ्यावर माझ्या ज्ञानानुसार प्रकाश टाकण्याचा मी प्रयत्न करत आहे. कृपया हा पोस्ट मला असलेली माहिती म्हणून वाचावा ही विनंती.... !

आत्ताच उल्लेख केल्याप्रमाणे आषाढी एकादशी म्हणजे वारी, आता वारी म्हणजे काय? तर वारी म्हणजे यात्रा.
इंग्रजी मधे "Annual Pilgrimage" म्हणतात तेच :). वारकरी संप्रदायाचे लोक आषाढी एकादशीच्या साधारण २१ दिवस अगोदर देहू वरून संत तुकाराम महाराजांच्या व  आळंदी वरून संत ज्ञानेश्वरांच्या पालखी सोबत पंढरपूरच्या दिशेने पायी रवाना होतात. ह्या दोन पालख्यांना नंतर लहान मोठ्या अश्या अनेक पालख्या येऊन मिळतात व "ज्ञानबा-तुकाराम" च्या गजरात नाचत गात आषाढी एकादशीच्या दिवशी पंढरपुरात विठुरायाचे दर्शन घेऊन वारीची सां…

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

There couldn't be a perfect time to speak about the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque than today which the last fasting day of the holy month of Ramadan. Tomorrow most of the countries will celebrate Eid al-Fitr so Eid Mubarak everyone.

We had visited this religious monument almost three years back during our Tour of the United Arab Emirates; read more about our tour >> Here

We had not intended to visit the Grand Mosque because it was not part of our planned itinerary. +CrazyFoodies onToeswere actually headed to Abu Dhabi from Sharjah with a rock on mood for "night in the city". It was our cab driver Salaam who insisted that we visit the Grand Mosque because it was located enroute to Abu Dhabi and it is very beautiful. We told him we are not in the preferred dress code to visit such pristine religious monument. He said they provide with ensemble required and that settled the debate.

Infact his words were, "Bahut Khubsurat hai, dekhe bina mat jao" which meant it …

Broccoli Spinach Soup

If the Summer was about Salads then the Monsoons are meant for piping hotSoups.The Mumbai monsoons demand a cuppa of velvety hot soup to stay warm and in good health. Today I share a soup which is packed with all the goodness of the greens. Basic motto is to  get all the green veggies out from that fridge and into our tummy.

Presenting the Broccoli Spinach Soup with Basil.


200 gms of Broccoli Florets10-15 leaves of Spinach. washed & chopped..Handful of cut french beans, washed. chopped.Handful of Basil leaves1 Carrot : peeled and cut1 Tomato: cut3-4 Garlic clovesSalt and Pepper to Taste1 tbsp Olive Oil to sauteMethod: In a pressure cooker first heat the olive oil and saute the garlic cloves. Then add all the veggies one by one and saute. Last add some water and salt to taste. Close the pressure cooker lid and let the whistle blow twice. Cool, Blend, Sieve and Boil.Add Salt and Pepper according to taste. Tip: This soup can be a bit bland to few taste palates, then accord…