Wine Review- Zampa Soiree Brut Rose 2012

Last weekend +CrazyFoodies onToes were celebrating their new ride Maruti Suzuki Ciaz. Thank you and yes that means you can expect few long drive travel blogs in the coming few months. This called for a cheerful bubbly pop and the Grover Zampa Brut Soiree Rose gave us was a exactly what we were hoping for that evening, scintillating fizz, inebriated aroma and the fruity assimilation into our body.

Wine Name: Zampa Soiree Brut Rose 2012

Color: Touch of Pink

Taste according to Makers : The wine is light and creamy initially and follows up with red cherry and strawberry fruits that define the fruit character and give the wine persistence and length of flavour. Read More >> 

Taste according to Me: The first sip tells you that you are going would want to spend a lot of time relishing this fizzy nectar. The bubbles are so light on your palate and they subtly release the fruity freshness.You will feel like you want sip slowly but you will be tempeted to sip more cause it is delicious. Also, the freezing temperature must be adequate for the exquisiteness to bubble out else the sour tingle will rise.

Food Pairing: Due to its fruity texture I will not dvise extremely spicy food but moderate spicy or Italian food will gel great with the this baby. This Brut is also a aperitif  i.e. an alcoholic appetizer which helps you get hungry. Thus will be great right before dinner.

Serve: This bottle has to be chilled generously else you won't do justice to the flavours. 

Cost: Current MRP is 1300/- INR when bought in Mumbai, India.


And for those who are still wondering about the car ;) that's our second baby down there.

PS: Wines are to be sipped and enjoyed in the company of loved ones at home not in the car. So Don't Drink and Drive

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  1. Maruti Suzuki Ciaz is a nice looking vehicle with good length, comfort and technical specifications. Space-wise and ciaz mileage wise also unique.


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