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Wine Review- Zampa Soiree Brut Rose 2012

Last weekend +CrazyFoodies onToes were celebrating their new ride Maruti Suzuki Ciaz. Thank you and yes that means you can expect few long drive travel blogs in the coming few months. This called for a cheerful bubbly pop and the Grover Zampa Brut Soiree Rose gave us was a exactly what we were hoping for that evening, scintillating fizz, inebriated aroma and the fruity assimilation into our body.

Wine Name: Zampa Soiree Brut Rose 2012
Color: Touch of Pink
Taste according to Makers : The wine is light and creamy initially and follows up with red cherry and strawberry fruits that define the fruit character and give the wine persistence and length of flavour. Read More >> 
Taste according to Me: The first sip tells you that you are going would want to spend a lot of time relishing this fizzy nectar. The bubbles are so light on your palate and they subtly release the fruity freshness.You will feel like you want sip slowly but you will be tempeted to sip more cause it is delicious. Also…

Homemade Baby Food - 1

Parenting is a new challenge everyday for the rest of your life, probably even beyond.

As you grow old, as a parent, you will conclude that the previous day was much simpler. One such exciting challenge is introducing solid foods to your baby, The first six months must be exclusively breastfed or bottlefed as the child's digestive track is yet to mature thus after six months new food textures are given.

Most of the Indian babies usually are weaned off starting with lentil soup (dal ka pani ) or khichdi in a pulpy form. Once the baby is habitual to the new food type then more variety can be initiated gradually feeding the baby the food which is cooked at home.

Today I share my Baby Food Recipe which I feed Arha, my 10 month old boy. This homemade baby food powder is a mix of rice and lentils along few spices.


2 Cups Rice 2 Tbsp Toor Dal2 Tbsp Moong Dal 1 Tbsp Mix Dal2 Tbsp Saboodana 2 Tbsp Rava2 Tbsp Alsi / Flax Seeds2 Tbsp Cumin 7-8  Black Pepper Corn 


Except fo…

Vata Purnima

In our four years of marriage this is the first time we could manage to capture vata purnima pictures. The first year we were in U.A.E thus there was no banyan tree around hence I drew a sketch of the banyan tree and did my litlle pooja.

Second year I couldn't get good snaps because the banyan tree was overloaded with contract renewals. The ladies bombarded the tree and all I got was distorted snaps. Third year I was pregnant with Arha hence was not fasting and this year we finally managed to get some snaps.

Beauty Products for New Mothers

Naah! I am not getting into the very lucrative Fashion/ Beauty blogging genre but lately I increased my blogging bandwidth and have ventured into lifestyle blogging thus giving me a broader spectrum to discuss things with you guys.

Today I am sharing few beauty products which have been helping me keep manageable hair and a fresh face. Yup the word is fresh cause beautiful /gorgeous/ lovely feels like a slap on the face to a new mother who is super exhausted for getting decked up. Thus suggesting few beauty products that I loved using in my zombi phase of life.

Firstly a word of caution; I am not saying that you must have these exact same products. I am sharing what I have been doing and what is working for me, my skin, my wallets and my routine. You can steal ideas from this post and incorporate into your beauty regime; if you have one cause I ain't have any. 

I am not a makeup person and never have been and probably will never be because I find it too intimidating. You will usual…

What to pack in a diaper bag?

Stuff that goes into a diaper bag in subject to change with every kid and his mother. I am specifying mother because fathers would find anything at hand and  just be over with the task but mothers require their tools. Yes, talking from experience.

A lot goes into diaper bags, it is just not the diapers. Babies just by themselves can create a lot of mess via burping,vomiting, pooping, eating food, painting with food, etc and parents are on cleaning duty 24*7. Thus if you are heading out with your baby that means you plan, plan and plan else you will always fall short of supplies.

Word of Caution: Even if you meticulously plan every minute of your travel you will still find something or the other that you have left home, so don't panic and don't be harsh. You will learn to deal with it eventually. 

Enough of rant heading straight to the point. The below list is considering that you are heading out for a day and heading back to the nest in the night.

Must-Haves in a Diaper BagQui…

Colors of Maharashtra-People

We have traveled a bit in Maharashtra. A bit because I know there is lot to explore. The state is diverse in it culture and culinary heritage. If you ever plan a road-trip you would notice that after every few kilometers even the soil resonates the colorful vibe of Maharashtra. Today I share some beautiful snaps we have clicked over the years that highlight the spirit of my beloved Maharashtra and its zestful people.