Mother's Day

Mother's day celebrations are in the air and thus many of my friends made me realise that it's my first mother's day. I was like yup ieee . I believe that parents should be honored and respected till one's last breath for that matter even beyond (if it's even possible) but I still adore the idea of celebrating mother's day. Cute messages, cakes, gifts, now and then pictures, collages of mother and kids, etc is what my Facebook timeline is filled with which got me thinking about all the kids in my life. Well I became a mother few months back but I became a आत्त्या, a मामी , a काकी , a माऊशि way before.  Not that I understood the pains behind being a mother back then but I understood the joy of having kids around. 

They find a drumstick amusing and laugh hysterically, they cry for no reason, tantrums come unexpectedly, pranks never stop, their conversations are very matured and their questions must be answered logically, 

Each kid in my life has taught me to responsible, disciplined, cautious of my speech, cook, to laugh for no reason, be naughty, be open to change, be creative and be a good mother. I became a mother not because I gave birth to Arha but because all these munchkins gave me a hands down practise for the same. 

So on this mothers day I thanks all my pumpkins who came into my life and made me a better person and helped me be a better mother. 

To Kaivalya I am Kaki 

Aashvi and Saanvi I am Maushi

Aarav I am Maushi

To Arha I am mom and to Saanvi I am Attya

To Sia and Ayaansh I am mammi
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