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Aamras is the simplest and most yummiest desserts to make at home. You just require good quality ripe Alphonso Mangoes. You can make aamras from any other genre of  mango but common who are we kidding here!?
Once you savour the aamras made from alphonso mangoes there is just no turning back. Having said that lately aamras is commercialised on a massive scale thus you have variations in the taste of aamras which may or may not be delectable. So let's make some at home.

Making aamras is easy-peasy. Squeeze out the mangoes, Strain the pulp and Swirl in the blender with some few tablespoons castor sugar and full-fat cream . Ya baby, once in a year no harm at all. Cream retain teh mango-ie color and doesn't dilute the mango pulp as it would if we add milk.

Garnish with some crushed black-pepper. Yes, you read it right, black-pepper actually cuts through the mangoes' sweetness and sourness revealing you the natural taste of mangoes. and black-pepper also reduces the effect man…

Tit Bits from Hims Kitchen

I am trying to get  bit disciplined in my blogging as well in my kitchen. I am trying to maintain a schedule on the blog, let's hope I can continue with the same. It is challenging with Arha's unpredictable schedule but that's the motivation also. Similarly in my kitchen I am trying to get organised and disciplined. Aiming to reduce wastage of food and must practice what you preach thus if you follow of Facebook Page then you must have noticed.

Of course most of the time what I revamp or create is not "blog-able" either because the there is no step-by-step procedure photography or I create & eat it only later to realize, hey!! I could have posted this.

Nonetheless today sharing few experiments which didn't feature on the blog.

Overnight Party Menu

We had a fantastic weekend! The weekend where you reunite with friends, enjoy a homey meal, see your kids bond with each other, most importantly leave the frantic life at door and reminisce about the College KATTA.

Thus when your college gang crashes at your place for an overnight party, after decades, you ought to make it a memorable night plus when they demand to have +CrazyFoodies on Toes  menu then you better get going.

We had the following menu
Cheese Cherry PineappleTacos with Guacamole Salsa and Red Leaf LettuceElephant Yam Fries.. Click here for the recipeRed Sauce Pasta with Zucchini, Bell Peppers and Smoked Cheese   ....Click Here for SimilarDeconstruted  Strawberry Cheese Cake with whipped cream  ..... Click Here for SimilarMango-Coconut Milk Smoothie with Oatmeal Biscuit and Maple Syrup Unfortunately I do not have any snaps; why ?? Ask my friends who just couldn't wait for a click. I had made the dessert earlier and I should have clicked it but alas with Arha and the …

What to pack in the hospital bag for Child Birth?

Himshree Help,                What should I expect from the hospital ?               When shall I start packing?
              What should I buy for the baby?
             What should my hospital bag have?
These questions pop-up on my mobile screen from a pregnant friend. I calm her down and tell to her wait till I put Arha to sleep and then I started typing my experience on Whats-app; later to realize there will be many first-time mothers who would be fretting over same questions. Hence today we are discussing what to pack in a hospital bag when you head out for the most difficult yet beautiful journey of parenting. 

There are many articles on the internet stating checklist for childbirth or packing list for labor and post delivery which are indeed very helpful but they will be very specific to certain country's hospital norms. I am going jot down what we faced during Arha's (our son) birth via C-section in the month of August when it is partly cloudy partly sunny at Mumbai, Indi…

Tangy Popsicles from Saanvi's Kitchen

The week started off with a Mother's Day Post and must confess couldn't find a better way (post) to conclude the week. I am dumbfound about this post. Starting to type something and then loosing way. 
I want to talk about the pleasure of letting your kids become a part of your passion. I want to point out how as adults we silently influence the kids around us. I wanna say that kids are more logically than us and more rational than us. I am thinking how can I improve everyday so that I can be a better person. I feel that it will be easier to teach them good and bad and grey if I share my world with them.
The rush of thoughts is due to my adorable niece, Saanvi. We had a family dinner couple of nights back and while all the bade-log were in their own adult world discussing adult life, Saanvi was silently painting a picture inspired from a kiddish sketch I had left incomplete in my drawing book. 
Kids have their own way, very creative and innocent methods, to handle love and to …


"Marshmallows are insanely sweet thus must be relished with your sweethearts only"
One Way is to slightly roast the marshmallow on your kitchen fire and then straight into the mouth. the creamy sugary vanilla oozes out and melt onto your tongue.

Another way is to have some melted dark chocolate dip in a bowl  and dip those pillow like confections into and then chew each on of them. To make the chocolate dip melt dark chocolate chips in the oven for about a minute and add some melted butter along with some warm milk to get dip like consistency. 

Sweetheart, marshmallows are ready to relish
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Mother's Day

Mother's day celebrations are in the air and thus many of my friends made me realise that it's my first mother's day. I was like yup ieee . I believe that parents should be honored and respected till one's last breath for that matter even beyond (if it's even possible) but I still adore the idea of celebrating mother's day. Cute messages, cakes, gifts, now and then pictures, collages of mother and kids, etc is what my Facebook timeline is filled with which got me thinking about all the kids in my life. Well I became a mother few months back but I became a आत्त्या, a मामी , a काकी , a माऊशि way before.  Not that I understood the pains behind being a mother back then but I understood the joy of having kids around. 
They find a drumstick amusing and laugh hysterically, they cry for no reason, tantrums come unexpectedly, pranks never stop, their conversations are very matured and their questions must be answered logically, 
Each kid in my life has taught me to res…

Yellow Tail : Big Bold Red Review

I think I might have some past life connection with Australian wineries. There is yet another excellent wine from Australia after Jacobs Creek that I am in awe off; Yellow Tail Wines. 
Wine Name:  Big Bold Red. Yep, that's the name and it definitely lives up to its name. It is a humongous 1.5 liter olive green colored bottle of gorgeous red wine. Perfect for a party of three or four wine drinkers.

Color: Rich, Viscous, Dark Maroon Red.
Taste according to Makers : If [yellow tail] wines were all film characters, this would be King Kong. [yellow tail] Big Bold Red is bursting with ripe dark fruits, earthy spices and a rich, bold oak character that inspired the name. Read More
Taste according to Me: 
I would prefer usually prefer a chilled beer to a red wine during summers in Mumbai but this King-Kong of Wines (name suggested by the makers themselves) changed my mind. Chill this bad boy for an hour or so and it is a perfect party sipper even in peak summer. Rich aroma of the grapes and s…