Summer Soothers

I am thinking of having a blog tradition every summer which showcases food, drinks, fruits or anything which would help to beat the heat. What say?

I have done summer soothers previously as well; Click Here

  1. Kokum Serbat: Garcinia Indica

    Must, must fact not just in summers we have kokum serbat in our house 365 days of the year. It is an easy to make, power packed energy soother with medicinal properties and tastes like nectar till the very last drop. Nowadays kokum crush or kokum syrups are available in the market which just requires chilled water to be added and it is ready to be savored.
  2. Kokum Serbat

  3. Ganga Jamuna : Oranges and Sweet Limes

    If you visit any local juice centers in Mumbai they have this Ganga Jamuna Juice in the menu. Ganga Jamuna is a combo of Oranges and Sweet Limes. All the goodness of the citrus world together. I have an electronic citrus press which make my job very quick but I do recommend every house should have the manual citrus press at-least. Nothing cleanses your exhausted body like a fresh splash of Vitamin C.
  4. Orange Sweet Limes Citrus Press Citrus Loaded Ganga Jamuna

  5. Chikoo milkshake: Sapota Milkshake

    I feel chiku is a very understated and underestimated fruit. This fruit has it all, fiber, vitamins, minerals plus its sweet, easy it eat (that is no cutting or peeling necessary) and very economically. I love chiku milkshake especially during the summers . Reason it is filling and chilling. was trying to rhyme ,,, bad vocab. I tend to loose my appetite in the summers this drink helps to curb my hunger and energizes me.
  6. Chikoo Milkshake

  7. Water Melon Cubes:
    I usually opt for water melon juice round the year but in the hot summer months I like to gobble this fruit up and besides its lot fun to pop the seeds out of your mouth. Not Tried, must try... feels kiddish.
  8. Water Melon Cubes
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