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Salad Platter

+CrazyFoodies onToes  for coming few weeks or for that matter for few months might laze out at home thus you would see more of Hims Kitchen rolling on the blog since there will be lot of cooking involved and less travelling.

Dieting is the very last factor for this kinda regulation but let's face it; going out with a hyper active 8.5 month old who intends to dig into your ceramic plate or vomits on your clothes when you head to a restaurant or has vaccine appointment or needs his parents to be awake in the night just for the sake of it; doesn't allow us to travel or explore restaurants frequently. It is not that we have stopped completely but even if we visit it takes a lot of time for us to update it on the blog as we return home to a baby who demands our attention 24*7 and we are ecstatic to be there for him but that puts the blog in a sluggish pace.

We are trying to be prompt but hey!  more than posting a blog-post catching up on sleep is the top priority right now, so plea…

Summer Soothers

I am thinking of having a blog tradition every summer which showcases food, drinks, fruits or anything which would help to beat the heat. What say?

I have done summer soothers previously as well; Click Here

Kokum Serbat: Garcinia Indica

Must, must fact not just in summers we have kokum serbat in our house 365 days of the year. It is an easy to make, power packed energy soother with medicinal properties and tastes like nectar till the very last drop. Nowadays kokum crush or kokum syrups are available in the market which just requires chilled water to be added and it is ready to be savored.

Ganga Jamuna : Oranges and Sweet Limes

If you visit any local juice centers in Mumbai they have this Ganga Jamuna Juice in the menu. Ganga Jamuna is a combo of Oranges and Sweet Limes. All the goodness of the citrus world together. I have an electronic citrus press which make my job very quick but I do recommend every house should have the manual citrus press at-least. Nothing cleanses your ex…

Shimga aka Holi celebrations 2016

Getting back from a vacation and again stepping back into a routine is harsh on the rejuvenated soul. The non-humid-hot-yet-fresh breeze in the mango grove cleanses your tired mind instantly. Our Facebook andInstagram follower do know that we were out on vacation to our native town 'Sangameshwar, Ratnagiri'  celebrating Holi and those who were unaware; this will be the right time to hit the like button of our Facebook Pageand follow us on Instagram!!!

Dev ale sahanevar.. Means The #Gods are now in the courtyard among the people.. To stay with them, To play with them, To bless them.. #crazyfoodiesontoes_celebrate #shimga that's what #Holi is called in #konkan #Marathifestivals #Indianculture #Hinduism A photo posted by Crazy Foodies on Toes (@crazyfoodiesontoes) on Mar 22, 2016 at 1:14am PDT
We have written about Holi also known as Shimga and how it is celebrated in Konkan in the past. You can read about the same over here,here and also here.

We Indians believe in, 'अ…