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Spicy Elephant Yam Fried Aka Suranache Kaap

Multi-tasking was always my strength but now after becoming a mother that strength has increased exponentially. Along with multi tasking now I am getting a grip of optimum techniques in the household that save energy...'my energy'  which gives me the liberty to pay attention to the blog while handling my baby, Arha.

Well let's see what good I did  in #HimsKitchen lately. Those who are here for the first time, I am a lazy cook. I am always on the hunt for simple techniques,tips and tricks which gets food on the table, quicklyeasily. When I mean easy it means few ingredients, less cooking time, must be healthy and loaded with flavour.

Keeping this in mind, giving a  tiny-weeny time saving twist to the otherwise lengthy traditional Suranache Kaap aka Elephant yam cutlets or fries.

Five Facts of Elephant Yam/ Suran
it's used in ayurvedic medicines diabetic people can consume suran ( in limit and do consult your doc before making it part of your routine)it has anti-ag…

Road Trip 1 with Baby to Ratnagiri.

I write this post at 8:54 am IST of 4th of March and it is a beautiful morning. The night sky sparkled with sheet lighting and now the sky is greyed with thundering noise. Not sure if it will rain heavily but there are drizzles all over.

A cold rainy kind of climate after a week of dehydrating humidity. Perfect note to start a lazed out weekend. infact reminds me of our December 2015  trip to Sangameshwar, Ratnagiri. It was our first roadtrip with Arha. Oh, my!

Packing for road trips have never been an issue with me but this time I was apprehensive. And more than me Amit (my Hubby you guys know it by now, still) was more worried if the entire luggage would fit in the car.
I just couldn't think of leaving anything behind because I was not sure what will my baby require. Actually, it was the other way round. I was not sure what will I require to take care of my baby.

Few things which I can list out right away are as follows:
Milk If you are breastfeeding then you are sorted but if y…