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Baby Shower or Dohale Jevan Part-2-Games

I believe that when friends and family  meet they should interact rather than just come,eat,nod & leave. It was due to this belief that I wanted to have an interactive dohale jevan aka baby shower. Hoping that you have read Part 1-Customs of my Dohale Jevan or Baby Shower then you already know the customary side of this function. 
Now for the fun element; since hubby dearest is a avid bird watcher we ended up having storks as the show stoppers.We had crafted out a pink stork and a blue stork symbolizing girl and boy respectively.

We also used Windows Movie Maker to make a video invitation which was sent across to our friends and family via Whatsapp and Facebook. And everyone loved it! 
Have a look.

Next, came the games. We had approximately invited 40-50 guest so while planning the game we had to keep in mind the following:
Everyone should be able to participate even if the guest number increases or decreases.Easy & Fair judgement.Game props should not be expensive. Thus we cam…

BabyShower or Dohale Jevan Part 1-Customs

The title says it all but this is a very delayed post almost by 8 months. Infact this should have been my 'featured post of 2015' but I just couldn't write it. No not due to the 'superstitious' reason it was purely medical. No I wasn't advised complete bed rest. On my baby shower I ended up eating so many sweets that my weight hyped up drastically and my doc was furious with me. She suggested that if the weight kept on increasing then it will not be good and thus asked to workout harder which totally kicked in the hyper-pregnancy-hormones and kicked out the idea of this post. Bottomline if any would-be parents are reading this post control the sugar intake since day one.

Dohale Jevan or Baby Shower is a customary function not a religious ceremony. The concept is to entertain the would be mom, feed her fresh food & homemade delicacies, basically make the pregnant lady happy so that the happiness, love, joy and blessings reaches the baby-to-be. 
Earlier the …

Celebrating Baby's First MakarSankranti

The 'First'..'s are always special and when they are your kids 'firsts', oh! man the feeling is out of this world.

Be it their first smile, first weaning food, first attempt to crawl or first time your cleaned that poppy diaper, every first makes you a proud parent. Of Course I am still new to parenthood but by far I can't get enough of it.

As per marathi traditions in the first year of a newborn you celebrate Makar sankranti, Gudi Padwa, Holi and Rangapanchami. Makarsankranti was my first festival as a new bride (Check out here) hence this festival is very special to me but now it is Arha's first celebrated festival as well so it becomes monumental.

Q: What do we do on kids first Makarsankranti?? 
Ans: Bornan or Borvant or Borsnan. It has various names across different communities but the basic concept is showering the newborn with 'Bor' or 'Ber' or berries.

You can pick any day according to your convenience starting from Makar Sankranti (us…

Microwave Green Peas Pulav

I love rice,  I need to have rice.  I think I won't be able to survive without rice. 
The love for rice must originate from my Konkan roots, I think. Lately on the blog we have been sharing recipes which are Scrumptious & Speedy This Green Peas Pulao is one more addition to the same. Infact this involves just one glass microwave bowl and a microwave. Thus less washing and immediate remedy for your hungry husband while you keep playing with your kiddo. 
Things to know:  The measurements mentioned serves two people. Takes about 20 minutes to cook in the microwave. And I have used Frozen Green Peas. 

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Maghi Ganesh Utsav

Last year we could not welcome Gannu Bappa his arrival coincided with my confinement period hence in 2016 we celebrate Ganesh utsav twice.
We celebrated the Maghi Ganesh Utsav on 11th Feb, 2016; Ganesh Jayanti. Ganeshji resided at our place for one and a half day giving us the opportunity to worship and get blessed by his presence.
The way of offering the prayers is same as you would perform for the Bhadrapad Ganesh Utsav only difference would be the lack of beautiful flowers and herbs that one would usually find in the monsoon.
Rest... the prayers, the excitement, the family reunions, the aroma of dhoop, the prasad and the modaks remain the same.
We also celebrated Arha's first Sankrant also known as Borvant/ Bornan/Borsnan that would be my following post. Stay Tuned.

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Tofu Lettuce Salad garnished with Alfalfa Sprouts

I am no expert on Tofu but a great substitute to the regular cottage cheese aka paneer. The more I learn on tofu 'through my experience' be sure I will share it you, and of course you know that.
What did I learn this time? Let's see.

Iceberg lettuce tossed in with bell peppers, olive oil and mustard sauce is the basic salad I always make at home but this time around adding few stir fried tofu made it a wholesome meal. This salad is unlike my any other experiments; reason being it has many ingredients. Usually I stick to recipes which have few ingredients and are a quick assembly. Nonetheless, prep for this salad when you got enough time on hand and then toss it up.


Iceberg lettuceYellow Bell pepperRed Bell PepperMustard sauceChilli flakesOlive oilTofuChilli sauce Soya sauceChilli VinegarSesame seedsAlfalfa sproutsOreganoSeasoning (Salt, & Black Pepper)


Clean & Cut the yellow and red peppers into dices.Wash the iceberg lettuce thoroughly and just t…