Kudos KFC for saying NO to a Pregnant Customer

Saying "NO" to a customer is always a herculean task, ask me, have been in 'the salesman shoes'.
Of Course, I had to tackle, demanding yet logical, business houses putting forth their software requirements hence their demands were comparatively easy to either deny or accept.

But saying No to a Customer, who is
  1. hungry, 
  2. salivating, 
  3. unreasonable, 
  4. lost all sense of table manners
  5. and has the capacity to gobble down buckets of chicken wings in spite of her 8 months pregnant belly,
       ........... is job worthy of applaud.

Yes!! All of the above. That was me, couple of months back, pregnant with my son, Arha  ( I shall introduce him on the blog soon.... patience my dear readers...right now concentrate)

Pregnancy hormones are funny they make you do things you wouldn't otherwise, I do not hog on sweets but in those nine months I was on a molasses diet. Seriously, not exaggerating at all.  Most of you know that after my wedding I decided to follow vegetarianism and I am loyal to the decision till date. But all my willpower crumbled during pregnancy especially when I saw the KFC-Fiery grilled chicken advertisement on television.

I just couldn't resist the urge to dig my teeth into the juicy chicken flesh. Then that was it. I forced my vegetarian husband to drive me to the nearest KFC outlet  which is at Malad West, New Link Rd and the poor soul couldn't deny me. How would he??!! {Devilish Me..no the hormones..damn hormones}

We reached the store salivating. Wait let me correct that, I reached the store salivating while hubby accompanied me.

Now, imagine me. All round roly-poly. Gazing at the menu window just like a kid would stare at a chocolate mount.  Checking out which bucket to order chicken wings or chicken leg pieces.

I enthusiastically ask,'' Give me  the Chicken... " And the lady across the counter just halts me and says," Sorry Mam. We cannot serve you".

I felt as if lightning just struck me. Did I hear no? NO! I was like Whhhhaaaaatttt!!!! Why?? I want chicken legs, now. She denied in spite of my visible desperation.

She continued her polite dismissal to serve me  and explained that KFC products have Monosodium Glutamate aka MSG which is a debateable food-flavour enhancer known not to be good for pregnant woman and small kids.

I still did not give up and urged the lady to serve my husband. She didn't knew he was a veggie I thought it was worth a shot but she figured out my plan and did not let us purchase any meat off the counter.

My husband, very carefully asked me if I could let go the chicken for now. May be postpartum we can return to grab a leg. I raged out of the store and ended up eating sambhar dosa (another consistent craving throughout the pregnancy) and of course forgot about the chicken.  We figured out most of the products outside would have MSG. And then I forgot about the KFC chicken craving.

Now, I know this article might act like an double edge sword for me and KFC.

For me, cause probably my mom would read this and say,"Chicken?!? I could have prepared for you.
But, it was just once and then sambar dosa took over the chicken craving besides I weirdly craved for KFC Chicken not a homemade one.

For KFC, cause they have MSG in their product and consumers might think again before the purchase for their kids.
But KFC, simply could have forgotten all their social responsibility. They could have let me have their food and earn their money plus I would have never ever thought about MSG and its effects on my baby.

So today, as my son Arha, sleeps with a smile on his face and I type at light speed to complete this post, I thank the KFC outlet team for being stubborn and not let me have 'that chicken' and thereby help me to still follow my vegetarianism vows.

Also, it made me more aware about what I ate in those crucial last months and thus helping Hubby-n-Me to have a healthy kid, who someday would probably demand for chicken legs and I am sure I shall bring him over to you guys.

Thanks once again. 
KFC, you are indeed, so good..

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