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Kudos KFC for saying NO to a Pregnant Customer

Saying "NO" to a customer is always a herculean task, ask me, have been in 'the salesman shoes'.
Of Course, I had to tackle, demanding yet logical, business houses putting forth their software requirements hence their demands were comparatively easy to either deny or accept.

But saying No to a Customer, who is hungry, salivating, unreasonable, lost all sense of table mannersand has the capacity to gobble down buckets of chicken wings in spite of her 8 months pregnant belly,
   ........... is job worthy of applaud.

Yes!! All of the above. That was me, couple of months back, pregnant with my son, Arha  ( I shall introduce him on the blog soon.... patience my dear readers...right now concentrate)

Pregnancy hormones are funny they make you do things you wouldn't otherwise, I do not hog on sweets but in those nine months I was on a molasses diet. Seriously, not exaggerating at all.  Most of you know that after my wedding I decided to follow vegetarianism and I am loyal…