Wine Review: Sutter Home White Zinfandel California 2013

It's December, yipee!!!  So it's a Party Month. Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christmas and New year celebrations; can't ask for more. Well I am sure you guys must be also planning for family dinners for the coming holiday season. Hence today I talk about a perfect party accomplice.

Wine Name: Sutter Home White Zinfandel California 2013

Sutter Home White Zin 2013
Wine Type: Blush Wine

Wine Colour: Baby pink blushing with white outer line.

Flavor: Medium Sweet and a hint of dryness.

Taste according to makers:   A light & refreshing White Zinfandel wine that flirts with your tongue, as you taste essences of strawberry and melon. Perfect with all types of food, we recommend pairing it with something a little spicy such as Asian or Latin cuisine.

Taste according to me:   We bought a 1.5 litre bottle of this gorgeous blush and yet  we couldn't get enough of it. This blush is medium sweet with a hint of dryness with a strong strawberry fragrance. The fragrance is fruity but not its taste which is what made me love this wine more.

The White Zin tastes almost like a sparkle wine just without the bubbles and glides slowly through your throat without an burning sensation. Slowly and steadily this wine lifts up your mood from happy to high. I can say this is one wine by far I loved getting wasted on. Usually with wines you might not be able to consume more than a glass or two but this one is an exception.

Serve: This wine requires a perfect chilling else the sourness will empower your palate. As for food pairing  I say you must have two appetizers, one spicy and one sweet or salty especially for this beautiful wine. Starters like an barbecued spicy cottage cheese aka paneer will do justice along with cheese-cherry-pineapple skewers or pop corn. Different types of food paring allows you to clear your palate plus it is makes each sip of this wine taste better than the previous.

Price: Fantastically priced in the range of 9-10$ for 1.5 litres. Told,ya... you want to get into that party mode now, ain't you?


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