Wine Review: Jacob's Creek Classic Shiraz Rose Vintage 2013

Photo Credits: # CFOT
Location: Magic Kingdom, Florida, USA

Christmas is here. The tree all decorated and lit up. Milk and cookies in place for Santa Claus. Christmas carols playing. Now, let's enjoy this wonderful evening with our loved ones over a festive dinner and equally festive wine.

Wine Name: Jacob' Creek Classic Shiraz Rose Vintage 2013

Wine Type: Red Wine-Shiraz

Wine Color: Reddish Pink goes perfectly with Christmas colors.

Flavour: Spicy fruitiness, Medium Sweet.

Jacob's Creel Classic Shiraz Rose
Vintage 2013
Taste according to makers: Sweet and crisp with luscious cherry and strawberry flavours.

Taste according to me:  The characteristic of a rose wine is its gorgeous blush and the aromatic
sweetness while a classic shiraz highlight the spice elements. This blend from jacob's creek is an excellent combination of both. The moment your sip the wine you are engulfed with a spicy sweetness. The sweetness is from the berries cause there is a hint of tang which is not overpowering at start but later you are definitely gonna feel the zing from it. Since it is best of two worlds even one glass is enough to stir up your tummy.

Serve: We had an Italian spread with a homemade pasta and garlic bread which actually went excellent with this two toned wine. The cheese kept our palettes neutral thus the spicy sweetness kicked it ways till the last drop.

Price: Approx 12$ for 750 ml.

So, what ya' waiting for??? Let's start the celebration.

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