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Rewinding 2014

I am so going to miss 2014. No, I did not say this for the previous years. In fact to be honest, I have prayed for some years to end quickly but not 2014. I loved 2014.

I did not travel much this year, but I traveled enough to understand that a fresh perceptions can spark up even an old visited place
Fishy Ratnagiri - MeGomu Maherla Jate ho Nakwa - Hubby  I did know that our Indian festivities have a mythological stories but realized they teach us to socialize and work with each other in harmony which social media sites might never accomplish. They still make us believe that there might by some magical authority out there.
Gudi Padwa - HubbyShimga Festival in Konkan - MeKokan Shimga.. Konkan Holi- HubbyDiwali Traditions - Me I liked to cook but never got the time to experiment my culinary skills due to futile excuses. This year I understood the importance of spending time with oneself and with the things you like to do.
Hims' Kitchen HubbynMe (I cook, He eats) I always have planne…

Wine Review: Jacob's Creek Classic Shiraz Rose Vintage 2013

Christmas is here. The tree all decorated and lit up. Milk and cookies in place for Santa Claus. Christmas carols playing. Now, let's enjoy this wonderful evening with our loved ones over a festive dinner and equally festive wine.

Wine Name: Jacob' Creek Classic Shiraz Rose Vintage 2013

Wine Type: Red Wine-Shiraz

Wine Color: Reddish Pink goes perfectly with Christmas colors.

Flavour: Spicy fruitiness, Medium Sweet.

Taste according to makers: Sweet and crisp with luscious cherry and strawberry flavours.

Taste according to me:  The characteristic of a rose wine is its gorgeous blush and the aromatic
sweetness while a classic shiraz highlight the spice elements. This blend from jacob's creek is an excellent combination of both. The moment your sip the wine you are engulfed with a spicy sweetness. The sweetness is from the berries cause there is a hint of tang which is not overpowering at start but later you are definitely gonna feel the zing from it. Since it is best of two worlds…

British Brewing Company- BBC

#CFOT found an amazing hangout destination last weekend, British Brewing Company also known as BBC. We visited the resto located in Oberoi Mall, Goregaon, Mumbai.  The restaurant from outside looks very jazzy hence for a brief moment I was apprehensive to take our folks inside. Not that my folks are less jazzy but that night we wanted a place which could give us some privacy along with  good food & drinks and BBC gave us exactly what we desired. 
Me & Bro first enquired at the reception for a table of five. The sweet lady asked one of us to come with her to check if the table suits us which I found courteous. My brother went in while I waited for Hubby & my parents as they bid goodbyes to the waiting list of other two restaurants on a Wednesday night, yep you read it right. Long waiting list for almost all restos in middle of the week. May be the due to the festival mood or probably everyone was celebrating that night. 
Anyways ... as my people arrived, I turned towards t…

Rajma Dosa with Pudina Chutney

Men can be so stubborn on certain aspects like shopping, going to a hindi movie and eating oats. Now adding to the list is Rajma i.e. Kidney beans, a major no no for Hubby. 
Even the famous famous rajma chawal couldn't make him like the red bean and the a sulking face at the dining table makes me go nuts. Just FYI gentlemen, Kidney beans/ rajma are rich in proteins , irons, act like energy booster, prevents bad cholesterol and many more. But no he just wont eat, So I find a better way. Smash the beans into a batter , add aromatics and form a savoury pancake served with spicy tangy chutney. And this he eats, things-we-wives-need-to-do!!
Ingredients: Serves 2 
100 gms kidney beans/Rajma: soaked in water for minimum 4-5 hour. 1/2 tbsp: Turmeric powder1 tbsp: Chilli powder1 teaspoon: Asafoetida/Hing powder1 tbsp: Coriander powderSalt to tasteFor tempering:1-2 Tbsp: Oil1 tbsp: Jeerapinch of AsafoetidaChilli flakes or freshly chopped chillies (optional)

Method: Soak the rajma beans for ove…

Wine Review: Sutter Home White Zinfandel California 2013

It's December, yipee!!!  So it's a Party Month. Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christmas and New year celebrations; can't ask for more. Well I am sure you guys must be also planning for family dinners for the coming holiday season. Hence today I talk about a perfect party accomplice.

Wine Name: Sutter Home White Zinfandel California 2013

Wine Type: Blush Wine

Wine Colour: Baby pink blushing with white outer line.

Flavor: Medium Sweet and a hint of dryness.

Taste according to makers:   A light & refreshing White Zinfandel wine that flirts with your tongue, as you taste essences of strawberry and melon. Perfect with all types of food, we recommend pairing it with something a little spicy such as Asian or Latin cuisine.

Taste according to me:   We bought a 1.5 litre bottle of this gorgeous blush and yet  we couldn't get enough of it. This blush is medium sweet with a hint of dryness with a strong strawberry fragrance. The fragrance is fruity but not its taste which is what mad…