Wine Review: Jacob's Creek Classic Merlot Vintage 2013

Wine Name: Jacob's Creek Merlot Vintage 2013

Wine Type: Red Wine

Color: Ruby Red

Taste According to makers: A medium-bodied wine showing ripe red fruits within a typical merlot varietal framework of a fleshy mid palate with soft, velvety tannin to finish. Served with similar velvety texture pasta or cheese.

Taste according to me: I, soo,  agree with the velvety texture. This wine is silky smooth on the your palate and it glides soothingly down your throat without any burning sensation, unlike the tendency of conventional red wines. The fragrance of this wine is ultimately intoxicating with lots of fruity fresh aroma.

This olive green bottle offers a nectar which is a classic balance of sweetness and dryness. The wine doesn't require major chilling hence palatable even in humid climate.

Serve: Pasta and Cheese is the ideal combination with any wine but this wine definitely needs the velvet accomplice.

Price: 12$ that is approximately 800 INR. Excellent right,??!
A perfect gift for ThanksGiving celebrations.

"Happy Thanksgiving"

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