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Wine Review: Jacob's Creek Classic Merlot Vintage 2013

Wine Name:Jacob's Creek Merlot Vintage 2013

Wine Type: Red Wine

Color: Ruby Red

Taste According to makers: A medium-bodied wine showing ripe red fruits within a typical merlot varietal framework of a fleshy mid palate with soft, velvety tannin to finish. Served with similar velvety texture pasta or cheese.

Taste according to me: I, soo,  agree with the velvety texture. This wine is silky smooth on the your palate and it glides soothingly down your throat without any burning sensation, unlike the tendency of conventional red wines. The fragrance of this wine is ultimately intoxicating with lots of fruity fresh aroma.

This olive green bottle offers a nectar which is a classic balance of sweetness and dryness. The wine doesn't require major chilling hence palatable even in humid climate.

Serve: Pasta and Cheese is the ideal combination with any wine but this wine definitely needs the velvet accomplice.

Price: 12$ that is approximately 800 INR. Excellent right,??!
A perfect gift for Tha…

When plans fail don't worry, you'll still be happy.

Over the years I have learned two things Things never ever happen the way we plan. and Thus we end up with beautiful memories.
HubbynMe had a bird watching weekend trip in mind for which we travelled to Sangameshwar last Friday well equipped with a Nikon Binocular and our Canon XS Rebel intending to capture our chirpy mates. My instagram buddies know that the bird-watching  activity  did not happen the way 'we thought it would' through the microblog post.

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Anyways it was mid of November and it rained like it was just begining of the monsoons. It poured down for almost ten hours straight thus shooing away the birds into their hideouts. Otherwise at this time of the year when the winter breeze is cuddling in and the morning sun kisses warmly the birds are in a good mood. They'd chirp around the trees basking in the glorious light which makes them an easy spot and great posers for the camera. 
Rain subsides eventually but…

Oatmeal Banana Pancakes without Eggs

The passing week had two bank holidays one being on Tuesday for Muharram and the other on Thursday for Gurunanak Jayanti. Normally I wouldn't even notice these holidays because 

These are "Bank Holidays" so usually only banks have them, I don't work in a bank and nowadays internet banking works fine which excludes the need to visit one.It is an "Optional Holiday" for the "Corporate sector" which means if you actually belong to these religions celebrating them then only you get these holiday not for a Maharashtrian like me.So, what made me suddenly appreciate these two holidays on the blog ??

Schools are also closed on bank holidays in India. Thus kids in my society were out loose on the playgrounds for the entire day with their voices tuned to highest audibles their throat could allow. The two holidays were on two working days, i.e. Tuesday & Thursday, hence the kids were thrilled to highest peak. Infact I overheard one of the kiddo sa…

गोमु माहेरला जाते हो नाखवा…………

गोमु माहेरला जाते हो नाखवा,
हिच्या घोवाला कोंकण दाखवा............

माझ्या सासरच्या लोकांनी ह्या गाण्याची जरा जास्तच दखल घेतली आहे हे नक्की कारण सुट्टी मिळाली रे मिळाली की आम्ही सगळे कोकणात असतो  :P असो................

तसा मुळचा मी कोकणातला, गावाचे नाव (कुंभारखाणी) अगदी तोंडपाठ पण जाण्याचा कधी योग आला नाही. खुपवेळा जाण्याचा बेत केला पण काही योग जुळून आला नाही. पुढे लग्न झाले (२७ डिसेंबर २०१२ ) आणि माझी कोंकण वारी चालू झाली. माझ्या मंडळींचे मुळ गाव सांगवे, जेव्हा ओळख झाली तेव्हा "आम्ही सांगव्याचे शेलार " अशीच झाली होती :P
मुळ गावापासून ५-६ किलोमीटरवर कोसुंब गावी आम्ही सगळे आता जावून  राहतो; जेथे माझ्या सासरेबुवानी छान बंगला बांधला आहे. लाल चिर्यांच्या भिंतीने वेढलेली आामराई आणि त्यामधे टुमदार असा बंगला........ऐकूनच छान वाटते ना ??

कोकण खुप सुंदर आहे, निसर्गरम्य आहे, असे  आपण नेहमीच ऐकतो पण नक्की काय हे तेथे जावून पहिल्या शिवाय गत्यंतर नाही हे नक्की. माझ्या एवढ्या वेळेच्या ट्रिप्स नंतर कोकणच्या सुंदरते विषयी नक्की काय लिहावे हे देखील मी  अजुन ठरवू शकलो नाही..... आता बोला !!!