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Chalo Sigree

Hope you all had a great Diwali. We had a blast as well, no not with crackers but with lots of sweets, lights, good food and a great time with family.

Diwali starts with Dhanteras then followed with Laxmi Poojan, Padwa or Balipratipada and at last Bhaubeej. I am the only sister of eight brothers. This time around we decided not to burden at one's house instead the entire troop goes out for dinner. Thus the entire family troop of 16 members settled for Sigree Global Grill, Powai.

Sigree offers a veg and non veg buffet with unlimited starters which you can grill at your table. Thus making an interactive meal for a bunch of troops like us who were meeting after a long time. We made sure that we did the reservations a week before the scheduled date.

Highlight of having dinner at Sigree is complete family interaction. The ambience is warm with a exotic bar counter where the dads and bhaiyas go grab a drink while the ladies can gossip their heart out on the grill table. The buffet is o…

Diwali Traditions

Last week no post, guess why? I was Cleaning. Yes the annual home clearance. Why??
It's Diwali!!! 
The biggest tradition of Diwali is cleaning up every nook and corner of your house. Apart from the fact Goddess Lakshmi super-likes clean homes and then only decides if she stays with us or not it is also a necessary tradition for a healthy being. 
Diwali marks the onset of winters (well usually but with global warming seasons are turning moody, I tell ya)  After the rains lot of fungus and insects unknowingly settle in our home without our permission thus sanitising your home from moisture is a must.. Once winter kicks in our tolerance power to fight the war of flu, cold, allergies, etc. will be leveled down. Hence as a precaution this festival significantly focuses on the #swachbharat campaign ;) 
Similar to this tradition there are many small stories and customs associated with Diwali which have a scientific explanation to them like the Abhyanga Snana. 
It is a spa in your home …

Ukala Milk for Kojagari Purnima

Ukala or Badam Milk is a traditional must-have sweet confectionary on Kojagari Purnima. This festival marks the end of monsoon. Moon gazers love this night because you get to stare at the moon smiling big and gorgeous.

I remember as kid I used to tag along with Mom to the Kojagari Purnima Night outs. It used to be a gala time where all the ladies from the colony got decked up and gather on the terrace. They used to play games, eat great food, gossip, drink ukala and then watch the full moon in a bowl full of milk.

Today, some of the age old traditional ways of socializing are getting replaced with Facebook wall so might as well use this platform to share those memories.

So let's drink some milk and find some moonlight.

Ukala Milk or Almond Milk or Badam Milk 
Ingredients: For 2 Glass of milk

7-8 Almonds Cardamom powder5-6 Saffron strands 2-3 tbsp SugarMethod: Roast the almonds in a pan. You can dry roast or use some ghee to roast to give more richness to the milk. Ground the almonds …