What to pack for an unplanned travel?

“A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not
intent on arriving.” ― Lao Tzu 

I belong to the water sign and thus, true to its significant free flowing property, I need to flow. I tend to become stagnant if made-to-settle for too long. I need to Travel. Travel keeps me connected to myself. I can feel my thirst, for seeing more of this world, quenched once I pack my bag and step out of the door. Surely doesn't have to be a big well-planned tour but after a certain amount of time I need to pay a visit to my nomad self. 

Travelling has been a part of my life since diaper days, not exaggerating, you can check with my mum. Even professionally I had landed into software sales & marketing which demanded travel and hence I loved my job all the more. Gave me wings when I could no longer stick my butt to the chair. 

When I turn the pages of my travel diary, I realize that I have learnt to pack on a brief note and never on a travel expedition I have said, "Oops forgot this at home" !!!. Ok, yes, now I am exaggerating but I have faired well even if the trip is planned like Now and we need to move like in the Next Hour. Yep, most of our weekends are spontaneous, unplanned and not-thought-of-before roadtrips to God-only-knows-where-locations. 

There have been times when we sit in the car and then decide which direction to head. So for such spontaneous trips you must have a smart luggage as below. 

  1. Handbag: I prefer a full size handbag as compared to a suitcase trolley/ air cabin bag. Reason swift locomotion. Plus it saves on the space in the car accommodating more important things as point 2.
  2. Ice Box: A good quality ice-box is an investment a traveller should make. It stores water bottles, drinks, ice (which is handy incase of any accidental bruising), dairy items (butter,cheese, jams,etc) and incase you find something like say fresh fish/ veggies on the way which you would like to cook once you reach the destination that can also be stuffed in the icebox.
  3. First Aid Kit: which must have insect repellent, pain relief spray, medicines at least for cold, flu, fever, vomiting & dehydration apart from an individual's usual dosages if any along with scissors, bandage, antiseptic cream, ointment for insect bites, forceps, soap & adhesive tapes.
  4. Clothes: Mix match is the key to a light luggage. From point 1. the handbag should be able to incorporate the basics like 
        • Jeans,Tracks and Shorts
        • T-Shirts/ Kurtas/ Kurtis
        • Socks - can act like mittens if you bump into a cold night.
        • Scarf - protects from sun, breeze & serves as a great accessory. 
        • Cosmetics - essentials like deo & sunscreen. 
        • Flat chappals & sport shoes.
        • Towels-  1 small and 1 big enough to serve you as a bedsheet just incase you don't find a room with a bed and decide to sleep in the car ;)
  5. Mobile GPS: On a trip without a map is a bad idea. There should be something pointing to the right direction, right??? GPS enabled Mobile along with its charger is a must, communication must never stop.
  6. Torch: I know a mobile can serve as a torch as well but it won't serve good if your car tyre breaks down in the middle of the road or if you end up staying in a village house amidst green plantation. 
  7. Camera / Books/ Ipod: For #crazyfoodiesontoes the camera is a must otherwise how will I get you lovely pictures. Books & Music players such as ipod are secondary but required because travelling for long duration can create fatigue which can depress the spontaneous holiday spirit and we don't want that.
  8. Newspapers : for throwing, cleaning, sitting, packing and well reading as well.
  9. Snacks: like bread, chips, chocolates, biscuits, khakra, ladoos, etc. Storing few munchies helps reduces on the hunger pit stops. plus if you travel in night you may not be able to find an open shop. 
  10. Cash: You might not always find an working ATM but you will definitely find a chai stall serving hot bhaji's who doesn't swipe a credit card. Hence pull out cash from the nearest ATM before you accelerate away into a holiday trip.

Leaving you all with few clicks from our impromptu travel last weekend to Ratnagiri. Hope you like them. 

Ganpatipule Beach

Ganpatipule Temple

Purnagadh Fort

Ratna Sagar Resort, Bhatye Beach, Ratnagiri

Bhatye Beach, Ratnagiri

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