Fishy Ratnagiri

It often happens that when you have visited a place an infinite times you tend to be ignorant towards it. You know; like This I have seen, That I have eaten ,oh! That I clicked numerous times.

I agree I have also been arrogant and ignorant about one such place, my native town Ratnagiri. Our village, Kosumb-Sangameshwar,  is located approximately 80 kms before Ratnagiri. So holiday locations like Ganapatipule, Marleshwar, Pawas, Purnagad, Kolhapur, Jyotiba are quite accessible and hence been-there; seen-that attitude.

We leave Mumbai by 10 pm either by bus or private car on a Friday night we make it by Saturday morn 5 am. Thus getting an entire two days to roam about and catch 10 pm bus on Sunday night from Sangameshwar and reach Mumbai by morning 5 am just in time for the mundane Monday work schedule.

Of Course at times we have extended our stays thus exploring more of the region. Plus every-time when we have friends coming to our weekend home, Aapla,  we take them to these places, again & again. Finding something new every time from the same location can be challenging task. But lately I have learnt that it's not the location it is my perception cause the universe offers a new daylight everyday for me to see. 

So this time I showcasing something new on the blog from the old place Ratnagiri. A staple of the sea-coast, Fish. We went fish shopping this time for my folks during our weekend stay. Ratnagiri is one of the major docks on the Konkan coastline offering an abundance in this fresh protein. The Fish market is buzzing loudly even at 8 pm in the night which is quite late as per village-city standards but the reason behind the late-buzz is that the boats arrive with new stock in the night. Hence if you want your fish really fresh visit the market a bit late. Carry an ice box. You can buy some ice from the fish vendors. What are your fishy options?? Check out :)



3: Bangda



6: Pomfret



9: Prawns






PS: Sorry for not naming the fishes cause mostly the fish vendors could give me were local names which were used in that vicinity itself, Mumbaikars might also be aloof to those names. If any one of you know their global names leave comments below.

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