Bappa Modak De

And I am back from my unannounced blog holiday. This year it was a month long break. Reason Krishna & Ganesha & Kaivalya. Since last year we have started celebrating Krishna Janmashtami and Ganesh Chaturthi. Krishnaji resides overnight at our home and after few days Gannu comes home for five days along with our nephew, Kaivalya. Managing Krishna & Ganesha is easy but keeping away a two year toddler from a laptop is like trying to stop a hurricane. Hence I stayed away. Though I did enjoy this uncalled break but once a blogger always a blogger. So though I was not writing I definitely didn't stop clicking.

Let's rewind the month then, shall we?

Then followed by Krishna Janmashtami. We usually fast on this day and after midnight we leave our fast by having dinner hence the meal is usually simple as after an entire day of fasting you don't crave for fancy food. The highlight of the day is homemade butter aka loni / लोणी aka makkhan / मखन .

श्री कृष्ण - हलके हलके जोजवा 

Ganeshji came to reside with us ten days after Janmashtami and needless to say came with lots of goodies. This year around with the help of my mom-in-law, we had a well planned menu for the five days and accordingly had stocked the pantry. It saves on a lot of prep time and gives you plenty of time to actually enjoy the festival.

Hims Kitchen was bustling with various traditional food dishes like Aluchi wadi made from colocasia leaves. The leaves are pasted with a spicy batter comprising of gram flour / besan.

अळूची वडी 
Gannu's fav have always been Modaks especially steamed modaks which are made from basmati rice flour  and filed with rich sweet coconut filling.

उकडीचे मोदक 
Next sweet in abundance was Besan Ladoo.
बेसन लाडू 


आंबट वरण भात आणि कोशिंबीर 
On day three, it is believed that Gannu honors his charioteer Undir Maharaj for lunch with him and Undir Maharaji loves Kheer Puri and so do I.

Meal offered to God: नेवैद्य 

Kheer Puri for Undir Maharaj on the third day.

Big Modak protected by Undir Maharaj

Gannu keeps his share of Kesar Kaju Modak

When Gannu has his share how can Kaivalya, our nephew miss out on his. Kaivalya with his innocent face would directly ask Gannu, " बाप्पा मोदक दे!? " meaning Bappa give me Modak. Now, who would not grant such a wish.

Kaivalya with Kripalu Gannu & Me  giving him prasad ;)

I believe traditions and customs bring families together and give us few days to live together and spread smiles. Forget our griefs and worries in front of our deity and embrace his blessings. But a word of caution God doesn't ask us to spend out of budgets and shower him with jewels. He doesn't command decorations which will neither impart knowledge nor benefit the environment. He definitely doesn't want to dance in loud music and halt traffic. He just wants us to come together, meet each other, know who stays in your neighbourhood, eat good and stay happy else there will be a time when Gannu might actually say, आता मांझी सटकली :)

Let's pray to  Ganesha to Bless us all with a sensitive soul & sensible intellect.

!!Ganapati Bappa Morya!!
PS: The Ganesha idol is made from eco friendly soil and water colors which instantly dissolve in water without harming the water body.  शाडूची मूर्ती आहे. 

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