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Movie Marathon

I am happy at this very moment. #Crazyfoodiesontoes Facebook Page got it's 100th Liker. Yuppie!! The first century is always special right :) I am just glad that I am able to #spreadsmiles (few at-least) which was the main intent of blogging. 

Another reason I am happy is because I had a movie hattrick this weekend and all "Good Movies". You can know about my specification for good movies over here.
It might help you understand the reason for my happy feet. 

Speaking of feet, my dancing partner-Hubby is out of town, hence kinda low on the dandiya dancing but definitely not low on the photography. Navaratri updates on instagram and also on facebook page Crazy Foodies on Toes

Movie 1: Khoobsurat 
 Khoobsurat was not a new story hence there weren't any expectations for new turns and twist yet it was too predictable. Sonam Kapoor & Kiron Kher were the main attractions for me and mum respectively for this movie. I loved Aisha and was expecting a similar fashion treat but I…

Fishy Ratnagiri

It often happens that when you have visited a place an infinite times you tend to be ignorant towards it. You know; like This I have seen, That I have eaten ,oh! That I clicked numerous times.

I agree I have also been arrogant and ignorant about one such place, my native town Ratnagiri. Our village, Kosumb-Sangameshwar,  is located approximately 80 kms before Ratnagiri. So holiday locations like Ganapatipule, Marleshwar, Pawas, Purnagad, Kolhapur, Jyotiba are quite accessible and hence been-there; seen-that attitude.

We leave Mumbai by 10 pm either by bus or private car on a Friday night we make it by Saturday morn 5 am. Thus getting an entire two days to roam about and catch 10 pm bus on Sunday night from Sangameshwar and reach Mumbai by morning 5 am just in time for the mundane Monday work schedule.

Of Course at times we have extended our stays thus exploring more of the region. Plus every-time when we have friends coming to our weekend home, Aapla, we take them to these places, ag…

5 Ingredients & 5 Step Carrot Soup

When in no mood for the regular home meals or the fancy take outs, Soups come in to the rescue. Slurp a bowl full of silky gorgeousness and you have a happy-and-a-not-so-fat tummy. Some of the instant powder soups are great but recently I have been skeptical on their nutrition values. So thought of churning out a soup right from scratch. 
I believe minimum is classy and tasty hence my five ingredients & five step Carrot Soup. Got the recipe inspiration from this website  Veg Recipes of India  This food blogger has used tomatoes in her recipe, I didn't have tomatoes that day and hence pulled through the recipe with just the carrots and it worked well. 
Serves 2  Prep time: 5 mins  Cooking time: 10 mins

Ingredients: Carrots: 2-3 medium sizedGarlic Cloves: 2 ChoppedChilli Flakes: Just a sprinkle to edge into the sweetness of the carrotsSeasoning : Salt & SugarCream : for texture and presentation
Method: Chop the peeled carrots and garlic cloves. Pressure cook the carrots , chopped …

What to pack for an unplanned travel?

“A good traveler has no fixed plans and is notintent on arriving.” ― Lao Tzu 
I belong to the water sign and thus, true to its significant free flowing property, I need to flow. I tend to become stagnant if made-to-settle for too long. I need to Travel. Travel keeps me connected to myself. I can feel my thirst, for seeing more of this world, quenched once I pack my bag and step out of the door. Surely doesn't have to be a big well-planned tour but after a certain amount of time I need to pay a visit to my nomad self. 

Travelling has been a part of my life since diaper days, not exaggerating, you can check with my mum. Even professionally I had landed into software sales & marketing which demanded travel and hence I loved my job all the more. Gave me wings when I could no longer stick my butt to the chair. 
When I turn the pages of my travel diary, I realize that I have learnt to pack on a brief note and never on a travel expedition I have said, "Oops forgot this at home"…

Jungle Rice Fast Dosa

Last Month was also about the fasts ( श्रावणी सोमवार , शनिवार , कृष्ण जन्माष्टमी along with the usuals संकष्टी , एकादशी ) and the later half of this month will also be as Navratri approaches. Devotees fast for complete nine days. Some do it without food/water while some relish on the fast food, I mean, the food meant to be consumed during fast. सात्विक आहार / Satvik ahar which means pure food.

Samo Rice aka Jungle rice aka Varicha Tandul (वरीचा तांदूळ)is an ingredient famous during the fasting season.  It is used in many fasting food recipes. I use it to make my Fast Dosa. I name it so cause it is eaten on a fasting day and is pretty fast to make. 
I serve this with a Coco-Pea-Nut Chutney ;)

Ingredients: For Coconut & Peanut Chutney
Half Coconut GratedGreen Chillies: 2-3 depending on your spice toleranceCoriander: as much as you like I don't want the typical Green Chutney look hence I use bit less. Curry leaves: 3-4 Groundnuts: Roasted, De-skinned & Grounded. Grounded powde…

Bappa Modak De

And I am back from my unannounced blog holiday. This year it was a month long break. Reason Krishna & Ganesha & Kaivalya. Since last year we have started celebrating Krishna Janmashtami and Ganesh Chaturthi. Krishnaji resides overnight at our home and after few days Gannu comes home for five days along with our nephew, Kaivalya. Managing Krishna & Ganesha is easy but keeping away a two year toddler from a laptop is like trying to stop a hurricane. Hence I stayed away. Though I did enjoy this uncalled break but once a blogger always a blogger. So though I was not writing I definitely didn't stop clicking.

Let's rewind the month then, shall we?
The Deep Pujan embarked the beginning of  Shravan month, Click Here The Birthday Week, Click Here
Then followed by Krishna Janmashtami. We usually fast on this day and after midnight we leave our fast by having dinner hence the meal is usually simple as after an entire day of fasting you don't crave for fancy food. The hig…