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It's celebration week for #crazyfoodiesontoes this August week. It's my parents birthdays, yep, both in the same week. It's a family thing. My parents share their birthdays in the first week of August and HubbynMe & my Bro share our birthdays in December last week. Hence we never cut the cake alone. 

Ribbons & Balloons

Well now some might say, it is a cost cutting activity of buying one cake but oh c'mon gimme a break!! I feel it's a warm gesture showing the bond of togetherness plus when rest of your buddies smack the cake on your face you have one more person sharing the same cake-smacked-face-photograph. 

Birthday tradition includes gifts. But as you grow older together it becomes very difficult and utterly challenging to gift your loved ones especially your parents. Surprising them all together is a different ball game. Yet each year you want to make it special and meaningful. We kids also came up with a bunch and tried to execute a few, almost failed at all but then managed to find something which will be used. That's right.We Indians want a gift which can be used or the money which can then be used, ain't I right? 

So I thought might as well post those ideas here on the blog. Just to help someone somewhere searching on Google, Ideas for Birthday Gifts for Mother and Father! :) :) ;)

I am not putting down any budgets or how to execute them. I am just noting ideas. You can then be creative. Since I have my parents birthdays in the same week I gift them something which is in sync, so here goes the list. 
  1. Pen Set: Probably carved their names on it. 
  2. Watch Set: His and Her watches of the same brand.
  3. Wallet for Dad & Handbag for Mom 
  4. Visiting Card Holder for Dad & Credit Card Holder for Mom: Pun Intended :)
  5. Tie Pin & Cufflinks & Saree Broch 
  6. Shirt & Saree: Color Coordinated  
  7. Funky T-shirt with their names or pics in probably same color or their fav colors.
  8. Beer glass for Dad & Wine Glass for Mom 
  9. Music CD for Dad & Yoga CD for Mom
  10. Novels for Dad & Cookery Book for Mom: it can be vice versa

This list will be updated as an when I have more ideas. What we end up buying this year for them?
Skechers shoes from Rcity Mall,  So this will be idea number 11, where you can buy them a good pair of walking or running sports sneakers so that they can enjoy their evening walks together. 

Once you have decided on the gift, check around for discounts and schemes so that you can surprise your parents and not your pockets. 

Skechers Men

Skechers Women

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