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Birthday Gifts

It's celebration week for #crazyfoodiesontoes this August week. It's my parents birthdays, yep, both in the same week. It's a family thing. My parents share their birthdays in the first week of August and HubbynMe & my Bro share our birthdays in December last week. Hence we never cut the cake alone. 

Well now some might say, it is a cost cutting activity of buying one cake but oh c'mon gimme a break!! I feel it's a warm gesture showing the bond of togetherness plus when rest of your buddies smack the cake on your face you have one more person sharing the same cake-smacked-face-photograph. 

Birthday tradition includes gifts. But as you grow older together it becomes very difficult and utterly challenging to gift your loved ones especially your parents. Surprising them all together is a different ball game. Yet each year you want to make it special and meaningful. We kids also came up with a bunch and tried to execute a few, almost failed at all but then managed…

Shravan Festive Month Begins

Last month was all about unplanned travel toAlibaug and hot Comfort Foods (1 & 2). This month is all about fasting and praying. Shravan month embarks with the Deep Poojan. This ceremony requires us to clean all types of lamps/diyas available at home and place them decoratively. Light them all up and then worship them with sweet and flowers. It is sort of a mini Diwali. After this we will have Rakhi, then Krishna Janma and then Ganapati Bappa will come home. Stay tuned.