Alibaug se aaye hai!

"Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky" - Rabindranath Tagore 

Truly stated by the great man, when clouds gather on the horizon it says pack the sack it's time to step out. A weekend back #crazyfoodiesontoes full gang headed to catch the clouds. When we started our journey there was no destination in mind. We just wanted the clouds and some endless gaze into infinity thus we landed on the Varsoli Beach in Alibaug, Maharashtra. 

Just 108 kms away from Mumbai, Alibaug has been favorite destinations for ages now. I have gone here countless times. Out of many beaches in Alibaug, this time around we resided at Varsoli Beach in Nisarga Resort . A five mins walk from the beach and a homely location with reasonable tariff structure. We later on discovered Sanidhya Resort which is located on the Kihim Beach few kms before Varsoli. This resort is again located near to the beach and has a great garden view to chill out during the time you are not at the beach i.e. dinner and breakfast time. These are two time slots you are not at the beach yet you want sit admits nature & chit chat with your family. 

I say leave Mumbai by Saturday morning & enjoy the long ride of NH 17. There are many dhabas which will appeal to along the way do stop by for a quick bites. Check in before the sunset at one of the locations so that you can dump your baggage and run errands at the beach or just have that long walk assimilating the scenic grace. 

Why should humans have all the fun, huh!? :) Ponies also have right to cuddle or have a run in the water doing the splish-splash dance.

For me going at a beach is a meditative feeling. I feel quite in my mind. Trust me with the kind of thinking my brain does it requires a red signal to brake the speed. The sea has that effect on me. I keep drawing my name on the sand and see it getting wiped by the waves numerous times or just keep staring at the rippled waves.

Bro scribbling on Sand

Things must have at the beach is sunscreen, comfortable swimwear, towels and a good camera with camera man ;) So that you can get you great cover photo :).
Hubby on the cam

While I get my perfect Cover Photo.

I say after enjoying the sunset grab a good meal and rise early for a good swim in sea. Early morning swim avoid getting the tan and you can also enjoy a good breakfast later. After the hearty breakfast, pack up all the memories and check out at noon, heading back home.

So what you waiting for, Bon Voyage!!!! 

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