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Comfort Food 2: Ginger Tea

Today at dawn, while still in bed and half awake, I found myself searching for my comforter which was engulfed by Hubby. The rains had worked their magic overnight. It was sensuously breezy and fresh yet you wanted to snuggle in the quilt. Thus the Monday morning starts with full of blues; the good blues of course,  like the wintry water blue & the glassy sky blue. The next thing which you need desperately is a good cuppa of Ginger Tea to get hup hup hup... 
Especially when the view from the window is as below. I know it's a concrete jungle out there but I still find serenity in the landscape. 

What does Him's Kitchen smell like on such mornings? Traditionally grounded ginger getting a hot bubble bath with strong tea leaves and thereby accompanied by milk and sugar.

    A great kick start to a great week ahead! Sip.. Sip. See you soon.

Alibaug se aaye hai!

"Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky" - Rabindranath Tagore 
Truly stated by the great man, when clouds gather on the horizon it says pack the sack it's time to step out. A weekend back #crazyfoodiesontoes full gang headed to catch the clouds. When we started our journey there was no destination in mind. We just wanted the clouds and some endless gaze into infinity thus we landed on the Varsoli Beach in Alibaug, Maharashtra. 
Just 108 kms away from Mumbai, Alibaug has been favorite destinations for ages now. I have gone here countless times. Out of many beaches in Alibaug, this time around we resided at Varsoli Beach in Nisarga Resort . A five mins walk from the beach and a homely location with reasonable tariff structure. We later on discovered Sanidhya Resortwhich is located on the Kihim Beach few kms before Varsoli. This resort is again located near to the beach and has a great garden view to chi…

Comfort Food 1: Fusilli Pasta (White)

Yeahhh!!!! It's finally raining. Dark Clouds, cool breezy air, fresh greens across lands and simmering tea kettle, aaah I just love this Rain Season. The scorching heat has surpassed and now what remains is, love blossom. A perfect climate to run errands and feel the chilled blush on your cheeks. It is also a perfect climate for snoozy butts, to not come out of the quilt and rewind into an old TV show from start to finish like say F.R.I.E.N.D.S or Sex and the City. Instantly nostalgic...... :) and instantly craving for something steaming and gorgeously yummy. 

When crave for food in bed, you want something you can put it into big bowl and snuggle along with it in the comforter and grab that television remote. Hence today I share my pasta recipe that is very comforting, very steamy, very Italian hence require very few ingredients and a very weekend luncheon dish

Now, there are three steps or let's say three pan procedure.

The PastaThe White SauceThe Veggies: The vegetables ar…

गोष्ट एका यु-टर्नची....

U-Turn ही एक अशी गोष्ट आहे की तुम्ही गाड़ी घेतली (विकत किंवा भाड्याने) की जोडीला फ्री मधे मिळते बरोबर ना ? ;) माझ्या मते काही अपवाद वगळता खुप कमी लोक असतील जे ही गोष्ट मान्य करणार नाहीत.

माझी U-Turn ची ही गोष्ट सत्य घटनेवर आधारित आहे :)

ई. पूर्व २००७ साली माझ्या कंपनीने निर्णय घेतला की मला अमेरिका या देशामधे जावून काम केले पाहिजे. भारतीय लोकांनीच का माझा त्रास सहन करून घ्यायचा अश्या काहिस्या बेताने :P .............. आणि माझी परदेश गमनाची तयारी सुरु झाली. बरेच लोक भेटायला आले आणि माझ्या ट्रॅवेल लिस्टच्या चौपट गोष्टी सांगून गेले. सगळ्यांकडेच मला  द्यायला सल्ला होता आणि सगळेच अमेरिकेत ५-५० वर्ष राहून आले आहेत असे भासत  होते, असो पण त्यांचा हेतु चांगला होता हे नक्की.

ठरल्या प्रमाणे माझे आगमन ह्यूस्टन या शहरात झाले. तेथील मोठाले रस्ते पाहून माला या जन्मात  तरी इथे आपण गाड़ी चालवू  शकत नाही असे  वाटले होते. त्यात मी २ दिवस गाडी  शिकून अमेरिकेत आलो होतो आणि माझ्या मित्राची पाटी तर कोरिच होती.

अमेरिकेतील माझ्या साहेबांनी आम्हाला गाड़ी चालवायचे थोड़े धड़े दिले आणि गाड़ी भाड्याने घेण्यासाठी परवानगी दिल…