Crow with the Brown Wings

It is June end and the rains are still playing hide-n-seek. I so want to go and do the splish-splash dance but alas by the time I put my hand out of the window to feel the cool droplets of rains, it stops. I wait in my balcony staring at the dusky clouds expecting some more rain dance, but nothing. 

Suddenly my disappointed gaze turned into a freckled smile when I saw the Crow, with the Brown Wings. I know crows are bounty in Mumbai thanks to the mess we make (what that's a fact, don't give me that look); but a brown winged crow, now that's new. 

It was not the first time I had seen it. Hubby had introduced this bird to me during one of our trips to Kokan and he has been a frequent model for our cam lenses. He is known as Crow Pheasant or Greater Coucal or Khumbhar Kawala (कुंभार कावळा ). It is after spotting this bird I recollected that I had to share the birds I had spotted during our Kerela Trip. Few during our stay in houseboat and few at the Kumarkom Bird Sanctuary.

It not everyday in our mundane routine we get to see these exotic birds so it's a perk when a lazy morning shows you a glimpse of a good time you had and that too in form of a bird.

Ducks Quack together indeed.

Rufus Tree Pie
Staring into infinity & I thought only humans did that.

Malabar Tree-nymph or Malabar Tree Nymph (Idea malabarica)

Cattle Egret

Pond Heron

Darters or Snake Bird

Anyone in for a sun bath and guess what he doesn't require sunscreen either.

Ashy Drongo

Flocking together.

Rock Pigeons Rocking!!!! 

Oh, introducing the show stopper for today.This bird has many mystical stories associated with it and is considered as a good omen if seen. So go peep out your window it might be your lucky day, Mazel Tov! 

Greater Coucal or Crow Pheasant
भारद्वाज / कुंभार कावळा

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