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Crow with the Brown Wings

It is June end and the rains are still playing hide-n-seek. I so want to go and do the splish-splash dance but alas by the time I put my hand out of the window to feel the cool droplets of rains, it stops. I wait in my balcony staring at the dusky clouds expecting some more rain dance, but nothing. 
Suddenly my disappointed gaze turned into a freckled smile when I saw the Crow, with the Brown Wings. I know crows are bounty in Mumbai thanks to the mess we make (what that's a fact, don't give me that look); but a brown winged crow, now that's new. 
It was not the first time I had seen it. Hubby hadintroduced this bird to me during one of our trips to Kokan and he has been a frequent model for our cam lenses. He is known as Crow Pheasant or Greater Coucal or Khumbhar Kawala (कुंभार कावळा ). It is after spotting this bird I recollected that I had to share the birds I had spotted during our Kerela Trip. Few during our stay in houseboat and few at the Kumarkom Bird Sanctuary.

Asian Festival in Mainland China, R-City

Mumbai Malls are the latest trending hangouts especially during the monsoons. Actually they are trending 24*7, 365 days of the year, Non-Stop. There are more malls in Mumbai than gardens so it's an ideal place for dates, family shopping, grocery shopping and now a days it's the new playground for kids as well. Hence by default each Mumbai-kar has a favorite or preferred mall.

For me it's R-City Mall, Ghatkopar. Why??? Click here and here and here to know. Last weekend I got one more reason, Mainland China.

Mainland China is hosting an Asian Festival featuring the best dishes from popular Asian cuisines. There are selected dishes on the Asian Festival menu so you wont get lost. Soups, Appetizers, Main Course and Desserts each categories have good options for both veg and non-veg. They also have their country flags besides the dish so that you know which country you are travelling to gastronomically.

As always we started with mock-tails followed by Tom Yum Soup. I Love this…

Appointment with the King, Mango

Summer is nearing it's end but the season of mangoes extends in most Indian homes for few more months in the form of mango pulp in the deep freezer. I have blended two smoothies, Check OUT! 
Type 1

Mango PulpSweet Whipped CreamSugar if required

Method: Grab a blender and blend the mango pulp into a fine puree. Use Mango pulp depending on how many glasses you want to make. Pour mango pulp into the glasses. Fill half of the glass with it. Now in the same blender, add whipping cream and whip it into a orange cream cloud. Scoop the cream into the glasses and serve with fancy spoons. 

Type 2 This is a Sanjeev Kapoor recipe grabbed from here   Ingredients:   Coconut MilkMango PulpIce cubes HoneyTender coconut Mint for garnishMethod: Just watch :)

Do let me know if you have any more recipies using mango pulp and that are easy-to-do. 

Tendulkar's Corner, Not Out!

Sachin Tendulkar has nothing to do with this post. It's also not about his restaurant Tendulkar's  which I must put on my Wish-List to visit, soon. This is a review about a local restaurant somewhere on the border on Borivali & Dahisar in Mumbai known by the name tendulkar's corner.

When on a budget and mood of the taste buds crave oriental cuisine, this the place my friends. Authentic ingredients with a finesse in preparations is their key to success.

Their menu offers numerous options for all age groups. Yes, the restaurant on a Thursday night was packed with teenage groupies to married couples to grandpas & grannies.  The entire menu ensemble calls out loud to you,"Hey I am different try me!".

The menu offers Thai, Chinese, Korean and Indian. All the mentioned cuisines have different spice levels hence let your server know your spice tolerance. 
We started of with  Veg Tom Yum Soup, it was packed with a spicy punch from the lemon grass & bok choy.