Being a Gypsy or Being at Gypsy

Have you seen Ratatouille? Then you know Anton Ego, the food critic hard to impress. If you haven't well go watch and then come back. It might be playing on Star Movies ;) 

I have few Anton Ego's in my life too. Big Ego aka my Mom Ego and Small Ego aka my Hubby Ego. They literally do not swallow the food if they don't love it. Imagine what it is like when I take both of them for dinner but they are willing to try out something new hence we are at peace. 

Now, what happens when Dad Ego & Bro Ego join. These two men are people who like simple-home-made-Indian-food. So it's tough to get them liking gourmet savory of any other cuisine. 

But thanks to Mom Ego & Hubby Ego and myself we drag them to new places serving different food than the usual. Chinese cuisine is like ultimate pedestal challenge. Only Chinese my Bro appreciated couple of years ago was Maggie noodles but lately he has improvised with Schezwan noodles and Dad can live with Chinese Soups cause they go excellent with his scotch :)

So HubbynMe took them to Gypsy, Dadar in Mumbai a restaurant very special to us. The food authentic gourmet Chinese, flavorsome and not spicy. It's a myth that Chinese cuisine should be spicy on the contrary Chinese food is a delicate balance of caramelized sweetness and hot chilies.

Since we had my folks who are non vegetarians we could ask them try out sea food battered in Chinese recipes. People who are sooooooo used to Indian Masala preparations for their sea-food, this was really a new thing and they loved it.

From Gypsy's elaborate menu we had order Pan Grilled Pomfret which according to mom was fresco fresh and mildly spiced which suited her ongoing diet plan. Butter Garlic Prawns also joined our table which were crispy. Though the only garlic flavor and no red chili was a strange sensation at first but then the garlic and butter played their trick. 

Pan Grilled Pomfret
As I mentioned, Dad loves Chinese soups so what better than Lemon Coriander Soup which is a perfect appetizer. I know goes well with Scotch but we visited the resto and bar on a Dry Day so hard luck on the hard drinks but there is a variety of mock-tails and  we chose the classics.

Lemon Coriander Soup
                                         Virgin Mojito
Pinacolada & Blue Lagoon
For us vegetarian chompers we had Crispy Corn Chilly Pepper and Stewed Wantons with Vegetables sauteed in Brown sauce as the entree followed with a Classic Vegetable Fried Rice with a Vegetable Green Garlic Sauce as the main course. Saying the meal was scrumptious would be just an understatement.  Preparation & Presentation both were manifique. 

Traditional Fried Rice & Green Coriander Sauce/ Gravy 
After a delightful meal we had to end on a sweet note. Gypsy is famous for its Rose Petal Ice-cream and Mud Cake with Vanilla Ice-cream. Oh and now I know Why?! Yum-Yum and more Yum...

Rose Petal Ice-cream
Mud Cake and Vanilla Ice-cream

Food fuels the soul along with the body hence when you have a great meal with the people you love it always invokes the free spirit in you, invokes the Gypsy in you.

After a great meal we went for a long drive to Marine lines and headed back home via the new Eastern Express way, told ya, the gypsy gets invoked. ;) 

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