Bachelor Barbecue Bash

Still 15 days more to expect some rainy breeze in Mumbai and the past 15 days were really hot and hectic. It is the 'wedding season' of the year. HubbynMe are out for a function almost every alternate day. Indian functions call out loud for heavy duty food chomping so yes that also means lots and lots of weight gain. I mean we have to eat as well as look good or rather...slim trim shim....grrrr. But we here on the blog we only focus on the good things so weight move out of ma mind and food, oh! baby come to mamma :)

Speaking of wedding, Nirvana's_mygang, gathered together to throw a bachelor party for our friend Prathmesh, who is off to Manali, India for his Honeymoon as I key in this post. It was a the complete F-night : Fun, Food and Friends.

Sagesh & Chaitali hosted the event at their terrace with a barbecue grill. It is an excellent idea for parties I think. With the barbecue placed we can prepare the marination early in the day, store in silver foils and refrigerate. When guests onset, burn the light and while chit chatting with your pals make the skewers according to taste preferences. Place on the grill and chat some more with drinks and serve hot starters. 

All this while still being in the company of your friends. Thus the gals are not stuck in kitchen while the boys have a gala time. Trying to pester Hubby to buy an electric barbecue for us, will let ya know if I succeed. 

So what I and Chaitali make. 

Him's marination recipe:  Grind olive oil, green chilly, coriander, salt, basil, oregano and lime juice.

Chaitali's marination recipe: Grind onion, green chilly, ginger, garlic, chat masala, coriander, oregano and salt

Veggies used: Cottage cheese aka paneer majorly, capsicum, tomatoes, egg plant (not all like but I love), baby potatoes & onions.

There was prawns and chicken as well but I am sharing veg marination only. For non-veg marination leave a comment at the end or mail me at and I shall mail you the recipe after asking Chaitali for copy-writes :), but of-course.

I also made a cake cause it was our friend Shilpa's birthday as well. The cake vanished in 25 mins before dinner so I take that as a big compliment from my friends. Chocolate Cake from Him's Kitchen will be the next post so do turn back next week. 

Leaving you guys with the yum-snaps, apologies for not clicking more snaps as I and Chaitali had our hands in barbecue sauce while the guys had their hands on Chivas, so all we got was shaky barbecue sticks. 

Veg Barbecue Skewers

Chivas Regal: The Gentlemen's Choice

Prawn's Barbeque

Birdy's Garlic Bread

Him's Kitchen Special: Chocolate Cake

Nirvana's, mygang

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