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Egg-less Chocolate Cake in an Instant

Those who know me in person know it very well I don't like Chocolates. Ya, boys had a tough time impressing me as cheapest gift available was either not appreciated by me or was distributed among others. But those who know this also know that I love Chocolate Cake and I do not much enjoy any other cake. You are thinking, weird me?? OH ya. I am ! :)

So lemme make you some chocolate cake. Again I am few ingredient person so grab the magic box of Pilsbury Rich Choco Mix Egg-less version from nearby store.

Now as per instructions you would require water about 250 -300 ml and 75 ml of vegetable oil. i say use groundnut oil cause it doesn't have a strong fragrance and blends with the choco aroma.

Step 1: Preheat the oven on 170 degree before you start working on the cake.

Next, pour out the cake mix in a mixing bowl and add water. Whisk till all the lumps leave and then gentle fold the oil in the batter.

i say  make the lumps go off so work out those arms out. Next, grease a round bakin…

Being a Gypsy or Being at Gypsy

Have you seen Ratatouille? Then you know Anton Ego, the food critic hard to impress. If you haven't well go watch and then come back. It might be playing on Star Movies ;) 
I have few Anton Ego's in my life too. Big Ego aka my Mom Ego and Small Ego aka my Hubby Ego. They literally do not swallow the food if they don't love it. Imagine what it is like when I take both of them for dinner but they are willing to try out something new hence we are at peace. 
Now, what happens when Dad Ego & Bro Ego join. These two men are people who like simple-home-made-Indian-food. So it's tough to get them liking gourmet savory of any other cuisine. 
But thanks to Mom Ego & Hubby Ego and myself we drag them to new places serving different food than the usual. Chinese cuisine is like ultimate pedestal challenge. Only Chinese my Bro appreciated couple of years ago was Maggie noodles but lately he has improvised with Schezwan noodles and Dad can live with Chinese Soups cause they …

Bachelor Barbecue Bash

Still 15 days more to expect some rainy breeze in Mumbai and the past 15 days were really hot and hectic. It is the 'wedding season' of the year. HubbynMe are out for a function almost every alternate day. Indian functions call out loud for heavy duty food chomping so yes that also means lots and lots of weight gain. I mean we have to eat as well as look good or rather...slim trim shim....grrrr. But we here on the blog we only focus on the good things so weight move out of ma mind and food, oh! baby come to mamma :)
Speaking of wedding, Nirvana's_mygang, gathered together to throw a bachelor party for our friend Prathmesh, who is off to Manali, India for his Honeymoon as I key in this post.It was a the complete F-night : Fun, Food and Friends.
Sagesh & Chaitali hosted the event at their terrace with a barbecue grill. It is an excellent idea for parties I think. With the barbecue placed we can prepare the marination early in the day, store in silver foils and refrigera…

नेमकी वेदना तीच वाचे ग़ज़ल.………

गीत गुंजारते जीवनाचे -"ग़ज़ल", मर्म हृदयातल्या स्पंदनांचे -"ग़ज़ल" भावनेला मुक्या बोलवेना जिथे, नेमकी वेदना तीच वाचे "ग़ज़ल"
भावनांची अभिव्यक्ति (Articulation) ही मानवी मनाची नितांत गरज आहे आणि अभिव्यक्तिचे एक सशक्त माध्यम आहे ते म्हणजे "ग़ज़ल".
हे स्वर आमच्या घरात तरळले आणि नेहमीच निनादु लागले कारण बाबांनी "गझल नवाज भीमराव पांचाळे " यांची "एक जखम सुगंधी" ही ध्वनिफित (कॅसेट) आणली होती. आता नक्की कुठल्या वर्षी ते नीट आठवत  नाही पण मी इयत्ता ८ वी किंवा ९ वी मधे असेन. छान गडद पिवळा रंग आणि गाण्यात पूर्ण तल्लीन एक रेखाकृती असलेले ध्वनिफितीचे मुखपृष्ठ होते (कॅसेट कवर) . पहिल्यांदा जेव्हा कॅसेट घरात ऐकली त्या  वेळेला माझा परिचय मराठी ग़ज़लशी झाला, आणि माझ्या आवडत्या गायकांच्या यादीत अजुन एक नाव वाढले ते म्हणजे "ग़ज़ल नवाज भीमराव पांचाळे" यांचे. सगळ्यांच्या माहिती साठी त्यांना प्रेमाने "दादा" ह्या नावाने ओळखतात :)
दादांनी ग़ज़ल गावी आणि तीची कळ अगदी काळजात जावी हे काही नविन नाही पण तारुण्याच्या उंबरठ्यावर असलेल्या तरुणांना ती…

No Bake, Yes to Just Cheese Cake

Baking a good scrumptious cake takes patience and perseverance and hell lot of ingredients. Nothing against cooks spending hours in the kitchen experimenting with numerous ingredients to get that perfect art piece; but alas I can't be that cook. Lazy bum, I am.

I want quick fixes by now you all must know. I ain't much a sweet tooth but Hubby darling is hence I have now-a-days taken instant-baking very seriously..smirk.

Cheese Cake has been a fascination for me since the day I have known it. As I sat to recollect, I first came to know about cheese cake through F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Those who have seen F.R.I.E.N.D.S  must remember the Chandler and Rachel Cheese Cake Episode.

So presenting the Instant-Blueberry-Cheesecake from   #Hims_Kitchen 
All you need is this magic box of Betty Crocker, an easy buy at Big Bazar and then why you need me.

Follow the instructions as it is written at the back of the carton. They are easy. Mix-Freeze-Eat.

Though you will require 75 gms of butter and 350…