Kiwi Lemon Sizzle

Kiwi Lemon Sizzle
The summers aren't fooling any one this April. Mumbai is already fuming up with the heat. So here is a refreshing mocktail from Him's Kitchen. I must thank my sister-in-law, Hema, for this cool mock-tail recipe. This is a great substitute to the regular soft-drinks and must have at my home during date nights or movie marathons. Goes along great with salty pop-corns or spicy masala papads.

  • Kiwi Crush
  • Bottle Soda or Sparkling Water or Sprite
  • Lemon Juice
  • Chat Masala
  • Pudina - Mint Leaves
  • Lemon Wedges
  • Grab tall glasses, taller the glass longer the drink lasts ;)
Tall Beer Glasses will do the Trick;)
  • Fill in 1/4th of the glass with Mapro Kiwi Crush. You can use any other brand but Mapro is an easy buy at most grocery stores in Mumbai, India.

  • Next add a bit of chat masala and pinch of salt. Basically the Kiwi crush is too sweet a bit of salt crystals gives the drink a good tang.

  • Add a good squeeze of half a lemon into each glasses and also decorate them with one. Add colorful straws and stirrers just to freshen the look up.
Love the green freshness.

  • Top the glass with bottle soda or sparkling water for a less sweet version which HubbynMe prefer else fill in with lemon colas such as sprite or 7 up or lemonade for your sweet tooth.

  • What next, you are all set to have a carpet party. 


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