Wine Review: Prosecco

Wine Name: Prosecco

Taste According to maker's: This Italian sparkling Craft is generally dry and made from Glera or Prosecco Grapes. It's a Perfect Party Wine they say. 

Taste According to me:  This wine is exclusive. So make sure you have it on an exclusive event like we did on that special date night. How is the taste, if you ask me? Delightful & Cheerful, exactly like my mood was that night. It's gorgeously fruity and not custard fruity it's more on a heavenly fruity. I am not a fan of sweet wines but this wine has the subtle sugary edge to it that makes you crave for unlimited refills.

Serve: Normally I suggest food pairing with wines but for this one I'll say relish each sip of the wine with a good conversation with you companion. And I am pretty sure you will revive the taste as and when you recollect the conversation. 

Price: Expensive!!!! Since we had it Renaissance,Mumbai; the five start rates are attached hence can't quote the exact MRP but we paid 4,000 INR.   
Cheers to #GoodTimes ahead

P.S: Don't Drink and Drive

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