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गुढीपाडवा... एक नविन सुरुवात

गुढी पाड‍वा म्हंणले की आठवते श्रीखंड पुरी :)

लहान पणापासुन एकही गुढीपाडवा वारणाचे श्रीखंड आणि चितळेंचे आम्रखंड या शिवाय गेला नाहि. अजुनही फारसा बदल झालेला नाही ती वेगळी गोष्ट :-P. लहानपणी या गुढिची मला खुप ओढ असायची आणि तेव्हाच ठरवले होते की स्व:ताचे घर झाले की गुढी पाडवा साजरा करायचा आणि सुदैवाने सगळ्या गोष्टि जुळून आल्या आणि गेल्या वर्षी पासुन गुढी पाडवा सप्तनी साजरा करायला लागलो :-)

गुढी पाडवा ह्या सणाबद्दल बरिचशी माहिती मिळवली आणि मनात आले की हि माहिती सर्वांपर्यंत पोहचायला हवी म्हणुन हा केलेला प्रामाणिक प्रयत्ऩ.

गुढी म्हणजे "ब्रम्हध्वज" जी आपल्याला विश्वातील प्रजापती लहरींचे फायदे मिळवुन देते. हिंदु धर्मामध्ये अशी मान्यता आहे की पुर्ण सृष्टि हि त्रिदेवांनी संचालित आहे. ब्रम्हा-उत्पत्ति, विष्णु-पालन आणि महेश-संहार. या सर्व देवांपासुन निर्मित लहरी सृष्टि संचालित करतात. त्यातली ही ब्रम्हलहरी किंवा प्रजापती लहरी. श्री. ब्रम्हाने विश्वनिर्मिती केली ती पाडव्याच्या दिवशीच आणि पुढे "सत्य-युगाची" सुरुवात झाली आणि म्हणुनच नुतन वर्षारंभ म्हणुन चैत्र शुक्ल प्रतिपदा म्हणजेच…

Coconut Barfi aka Naralachi Wadi

Last weekend we visited our native town for Holi. Hopefully you guys got time to check out that post if not click here & before that we were at Triambak,Nashik for a pooja, the trip advisory would be next on the blog.

Any Indian Hindu festival or ceremony or prayers are incomplete without the coconut. So by the end of the festivity there are numerous coconuts in the house from which a sweet dish is to be made and shared with all. Same was the case with me, I had like 6-7 coconuts with me. So I attempted Naral Wadi aka Coconut Barfi and my critic (Hubby) approved it hence sharing with you all. 
Ingredients:- Coconuts: 2 Coconuts that comes to like 3-4 cups of grated coconut. Sugar: 2-3 cups Milk:2-3 cupsNutmeg PowderCardamom PowderGhee- for greasingMilk powder: 2-3 tea spoons Method:- First and the toughest step is to persuade your Hubby to break those tough nuts into half ...Coconuts!! :)After that it's your job to grate the coconuts.In a nonstick pan put in the grated coconut. M…

Shimga-Holi Festival in Kokan-Part 2

Last weekend was a fun for all with the festival of colors, Holi. Along with splatter of colors, I am very sure, a lot of water was also wasted to clean the mess it left. So there went by the thought of Eco-friendly-Holi. I don't get one thing; even if we use natural colors don't we still require more water than the usual to clean floors, our self and the let alone the garbage created by plastic bags which carry those colors. At least over the years the water balloons which were a pain are reduced, that's my observation. Let me know if you differ.
Two years back I had written about how Holi is celebrated in Kokan region of Maharashtra. Click here. This post was before marriage in my native town Kosumbh, Ratnagiri. But it was just one part of it.

I had spoken about how the Gods and Goddess came home but today I share with you how Holi begins in villages of Maharashtra, well this my I am showcasing my "new" native town after marriage i.e. Kumbharkhani, Ratnagiri. 

Wine Review: Stutter Home

Usually when I do wine reviews they are solely based on my taste buds and judgments. This time around I can't describe much cause my Hubby had the wine while he was on his business trips to U.S.A. 
As a sincere husband, he'd mailed me the snaps but then never really described how the wine felt. Ah-well-actually he did. All he said was,"It's sweet and affordable". Now for the wine review section this won't be enough but he went in with the efforts of clicking the snaps for me & in turn for the blog. So-like-what-da-hell, who cares how the wine tasted, all I can see is that the wine augmented the sweetness in our relation as blogger-buddies, So Cheers on that!

P.S.: Don't Drink & Drive.

Wine Review: Prosecco

Wine Name: Prosecco
Taste According to maker's: This Italian sparkling Craft is generally dry and made from Glera or Prosecco Grapes. It's a Perfect Party Wine they say. 
Taste According to me:  This wine is exclusive. So make sure you have it on an exclusive event like we did on that special date night. How is the taste, if you ask me? Delightful & Cheerful, exactly like my mood was that night. It's gorgeously fruity and not custard fruity it's more on a heavenly fruity. I am not a fan of sweet wines but this wine has the subtle sugary edge to it that makes you crave for unlimited refills.

Serve: Normally I suggest food pairing with wines but for this one I'll say relish each sip of the wine with a good conversation with you companion. And I am pretty sure you will revive the taste as and when you recollect the conversation. 
Price: Expensive!!!! Since we had it Renaissance,Mumbai; the five start rates are attached hence can't quote the exact MRP but we paid 4…

The Choice by Nicholas Sparks

I have been promoting the movie Notebook since I first saw it. A romantic person should once watch that movie that's my take. Just recently at a book exhibition I saw "The Choice by Nicholas Sparks ". I never knew Notebook was novel-now-a-major-motion-movie. So when I learned it's from the same author it was a must buy and a must read. This was my first time to read an artwork  by Nicholas Sparks and such a pleasure people. Mystery, romance, passion, compassion, marriage, friendship and parenting, such are the facets of this story. Many a times once a book is finished the process of living the characters is over. But not here my friends. Same as the movie it makes you think. Think really hard. What is the extent you will go to save your Love? In this selfish world is your love strong enough to bring you back from the dead? We are to make choices at every step we take. Those choices can be termed as mistakes in the coming future. But then I heard recently on the rad…