Mesmerizing Munnar, Kerala, India

The moment you land in Kerela you don't see the men wearing pants.... :) they were Lungi.... LOL!!! Dirty Minds.... 

The road from Kochi to Munnar might be a bit twisted but is flourished with amazing beauty and breezy winds which instantly makes you snuggle into your beloved's arms and you know that a romantic trip has began. 

Of course if you catch an early morning flight your hungry belly will disrupt your embrace so halt immediately where you smell hot me it won't be a difficult task. 

Tip: Catching an early morning flight gives you an entire day at the location thus saving on your leaves. 

Dosa, Coconut Chutney and lots of extra Sambhar
 As I said while en route from Kochi to Munnar you will come across tall green trees, spice gardens, colorful flowers and waterfalls even in the month of December by the way make sure you plan your trip to Kerela during the winters as it is at its best.

Tip: For those having motion sickness carry necessary medicines, the roads are twisted.

The nature starts calling out and says. "Hey you are on a holiday. Wait up for sometime and let the jaw dropping view sync into your hearts". So stop the car, step out and then go for a walk in a spice garden, learn something new and then buy some spices to take back home. Ask your driver to stop at a government recognized spice retail store they charge little less that the private stores.

Tip: Photographers have your cameras set you are in wonderland.


Black Pepper

Local Transport
 When you start feeling too Green then head to someplace warm and colorful with drama, melodious music and some drums. Punarjani Center at Munnar is a small cottage like home with some excellent artists performing over the years.

Kathakali @ Punarjani Centre

The blossom garden is a pleasure to visit just make sure you go there once early in the morning. The freshly watered flowers and clear blue sky is worth the early wake up call.

Blossom Garden

View from the Blossom Garden

Mattupety Dam

Tea Pickers 
We spotted many species of birds during our trip which made by Hubby really really happy. I think 'Bird Watch' or something similar would be the next section on the this blog.
In this one year living with him I have seen so many beautiful birds that I never knew existed. During our stay in Kerela, thanks to Hubby, we spotted and clicked many birds.

Red Whiskered Bulbul

Malbar Whistling Thrush
We did visit the Kumarakom Bird Santuary so got some more birds to show you but time is up for today. My weekend has just began so catch you all later.

Leaving you with the lovely pic.

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