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Mesmerizing Munnar, Kerala, India

The moment you land in Kerela you don't see the men wearing pants.... :) they were Lungi.... LOL!!! Dirty Minds.... 
The road from Kochi to Munnar might be a bit twisted but is flourished with amazing beauty and breezy winds which instantly makes you snuggle into your beloved's arms and you know that a romantic trip has began. 
Of course if you catch an early morning flight your hungry belly will disrupt your embrace so halt immediately where you smell hot me it won't be a difficult task. 
Tip: Catching an early morning flight gives you an entire day at the location thus saving on your leaves. 
 As I said while en route from Kochi to Munnar you will come across tall green trees, spice gardens, colorful flowers and waterfalls even in the month of December by the way make sure you plan your trip to Kerela during the winters as it is at its best.

Tip: For those having motion sickness carry necessary medicines, the roads are twisted.

The nature starts calling ou…

Trip advisory for Kerala, India

Planning to elope from the stressful routine and hunting for your next destination?  Tour de Kerala, India is the place for you my friend. 
It is termed as a honeymoon destination, I ain't denying at all cause after all HubbynMe went in to celebrate our first wedding anniversary and our birthdays and the new year well Happy December you see. (Smiling...blushing...giggling..ya...ok..I know you got it) 
Alright, focusing!!!
Though Kerala is termed as a honeymoon destination I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to simply chill and inhale breath taking scenic beauty. I do love to be in vicinity of nature but for that I cannot go on long treks and hiking thus Kerala suits me perfectly. 
Reaching to any destination in Kerala takes you through grassy tea plantation mountains. You can take jeep safari onto the hills where you smell fresh filter coffee brewing from colorful homes. The over night house boat stay spruce ups the romantic mood. 
And when I say romantic mood it is n…