Dubai Mall-Part 1

Dubai, United Arab Emirates is the most sought out place for Shopping. Think of a brand and Dubai has it. U.A.E means business. In spite of the climatic challenges and Islamic cultural orientation the country has powered it self with all the latest trends of technology, amenities, travel attractions and fashion. Any one from around the globe can find a certain piece of their origin in U.A.E.

The Dubai Mall is a small world in itself. It took us two days to completely explore this retail giant who offers more than 1200 shops, an ice mountain, sea world and has the world's tallest building as well. AT THE TOP, Burj Khalifa .

With all the glamour associated it is Expensive, but obviously, but then if your shopping wishlist is planned and credit cards have not exceeded limits then you have ample options here.

I say shopping or window shopping one must definitely indulge in this retail adventure.


1. Wear sport shoes or flats. There is hell lot of walking to do.
2. Plan for an entire day visit, trust me it takes that much of time minimum.
3. Grab the mall guide from the information desk which has a map.
4. Carry you cameras & credit cards.
5. Pre-book you ticket to AT THE TOP, Burj Khalifa....Over Here & check the blogpost....Over Here :)

I was clicking crazy, had to publish another post :) Check out Dubai Mall-Part 2

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