Wine Review: Jacob's Creek Merlot Vintage 2012

After a really long break we have wine tastings on the blog. 

Why such a long time? There are so few good budgeted wines.We tried a couple of Indian wines, yeah we got all patriotic for the wrong reason...Tried all port, red, white, blush but none made it to the blog.

Ofcourse during out Renaissance Date we had, Prosecco but it was not budgeted so will write a review about it sometime soon. Anyways later this weekend we got a break through for our find. 

Presenting .....

Wine Name: Jacob's Creek Merlot Vintage 2012

(I know, Jacob's Creek again to the rescue;  fragrance, color, taste or cost Jacob's Creek always a First Choice )

Taste according to maker's : A medium bodied wine showing juicy red berry fruit flavors and nicely balanced acidity. The tannins are soft and fine, yielding a well rounded mid palate and a velvety texture at the finish.

Taste according to me: A sweet and spicy wine of gorgeous texture with an fragrance where you smell the spices used in it. Cinnamon or something similar which must be added gives that exotic sweet spiciness. This wine is very rich in its feeling hence you probably might require a rich food pairing with it like cheese but personally I liked it with plain salted chips with melted Kraft cheese. As it is red wine it will be slightly hurting you tongue hence a lil salt attach from the chip will help neutralize. 

Price: Approx 1000-1100 INR -the least which you need to spend out for a good two or three glasses of an adorable wine.

Serve: If the bottle is lying in your room which is Air Conditioned at 22*C for about an hour or two you are in a good position to unlock the a rich experience,

Photography: Crazy Foodie 1 :)

PS: Don't Drink and Drive.

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