Bandra Wine Festival, Mumbai, India

Last weekend HubbynMe went for the 4th Bandra Wine Festival and a refreshing change I must say. An early winter Saturday evening with a gorgeous grass lawn turned into  miniature vineyard with 13 wineries camped into huge tents with their best wines to serve.

We start drooling on the first few tastings and then thought of enjoying the live music with a great sandwich grab from Café Mangii.

Enjoying the scrumptious sandwich which was so carefully prepared I overheard few girls speaking about new age writing and then I poked Hubby

Me: Is that Chetan Bhagat?
Hubby: Yes I think.
Me: aaaaaaa it's him....yeeaah.... aaaaaa...yeaaah... I wanna meet him... please and I wanna snap... Oh my Chetan Bhagat.
Hubby: Ok calm down then only { women.... rolling eyes}

Click, Flash and tadaaaah!!!

Meeting your idol is always a adrenal rush. Chetan Bhagat  made writing your thoughts on the paper a trend. When I read Two States more than the love story it was his easy writing style that made it an easy reading. Anyone who reads him, connects to his thoughts and that's the accomplishment of an author.

HubbynMe were lucky to bump into him at the fest ah! yESs, I need to tell you more about the 4th Bandra Wine Festival.

OK!! Focus. Really...??? Like it would have been easy to focus after 12 odd wine tastings.

Hence I'm naming in descending order the ones which we liked the most.....
    1. Reveilo: This brand reaches to international wine tastes. A must try, A must buy..
    2. Nine Hills: Consistency in their distinct flavours makes them a good evening companion.  
    3. Vallonne: Only their Blush offering, read more
    4. York
    5. Charosa
    6. Zampa
    7. Pause
    8. Myra
    9. Rythm
    10. Fratelli
    11. Fusion Wines
    12. Rio:
    13. Sula: Ok I know the fav in Indian Wines but Sula is flat Sour. Be their reds, whites, blush or champagnes, have tired out all, each one repeats the same story, the grapes they use are definitely sour.

The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly Chetan Bhagat but also the Cheese Cake from Cafe Mangi was a show stopper. It was simply OMG heavenly Yummy!!!

Tips to the Ladies: Do not dawn pencil hills for a garden setting, Always check on the venue first.
Tips to the Gentlemen: You also check on the venue for the Parking crisis. Just book a cab to save the walk from distant parking.

PS: And Don't Drink & Drive.

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