le cordon bleu

Life has its weird ways to keep telling you, "I'm not done with you yet". As we grow up we see, we learn, we explore and then we want to see more, want to learn more & want to explore more. So while we are on the journey, we set milestones, some we achieve: some we don't. Life moves on and then some day while sitting in a fancy restaurant, the dinner menu just calls out to you and points out that lost dream.

Visited R-City Mall the other day, I know Again but can't help it,  I really like that mall. This time it was Rain Forest, I know I know Again but they have a great variety food cuisines. So you have something on the menu which suits the palate of everyone in the family plus their service is great. I still don't appreciate their music and gloomy ambiance cause I prefer soft music and bright lights but then that's not their problem it's mine.

This time they had a Sizzler Festival going on, naaah didn't order the sizzlers had them the last time but what caught my eyes was their special sizzlers menu which had a dish name as , "Le Cordon Bleu Sizzler" 

Now, Le Cordon Blue is one of the biggest hospitality training institutes, Google up. Software industry happened to me, no regrets what-so-ever but when I was given a choice what would you like to study after school, I had elected the food industry. I wanted to build my coffee shop for which I thought that studying in a good hotel management institute will help me. So I tried to hunt colleges in and out of India and while surfing I came across this magnificent institute chain which taught all about the hospitality industry. It was and still is an expensive affair to join such institute so dismissed the thought of studying there but yes I was so fascinated with the name that someday if ever I open up that dream cafe of mine I would name it "Le Cordon Bleu Cafe". 

I did try to get into few leading institutions of India to study hospitality but was not successful. So gave up on the thought of studying hotel management and somewhere had forgotten about the cafe dream as well.  Not sure if I want to pursue this dream NOW but I was glad to meet it again on a dinner table.

Rain forest Sizzler Festival Menu
Few pics of what we had for dinner that night.
Five Berries

Corn Makhmali Seekh

Tandoor Stuff Aloo

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