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Bandra Wine Festival, Mumbai, India

Last weekend HubbynMe went for the 4th Bandra Wine Festival and a refreshing change I must say. An early winter Saturday evening with a gorgeous grass lawn turned into  miniature vineyard with 13 wineries camped into huge tents with their best wines to serve.

We start drooling on the first few tastings and then thought of enjoying the live music with a great sandwich grab from Café Mangii.

Enjoying the scrumptious sandwich which was so carefully prepared I overheard few girls speaking about new age writing and then I poked Hubby

Me: Is that Chetan Bhagat?
Hubby: Yes I think.
Me: aaaaaaa it's him....yeeaah.... aaaaaa...yeaaah... I wanna meet him... please and I wanna snap... Oh my Chetan Bhagat.
Hubby: Ok calm down then only { women.... rolling eyes}

Click, Flash and tadaaaah!!!

Meeting your idol is always a adrenal rush. Chetan Bhagat  made writing your thoughts on the paper a trend. When I read Two States more than the love story it was his easy writing style that made it an easy r…

le cordon bleu

Life has its weird ways to keep telling you, "I'm not done with you yet". As we grow up we see, we learn, we explore and then we want to see more, want to learn more & want to explore more. So while we are on the journey, we set milestones, some we achieve: some we don't. Life moves on and then some day while sitting in a fancy restaurant, the dinner menu just calls out to you and points out that lost dream.

Visited R-City Mall the other day, I know Again but can't help it,  I really like that mall. This time it was Rain Forest, I know I know Again but they have a great variety food cuisines. So you have something on the menu which suits the palate of everyone in the family plus their service is great. I still don't appreciate their music and gloomy ambiance cause I prefer soft music and bright lights but then that's not their problem it's mine.

This time they had a Sizzler Festival going on, naaah didn't order the sizzlers had them the last…

Happy Diwali

Today last of Diwali... while getting ready for work Hubby had switched on the news where the reporters mentioned that there was a considerable decrease in air and noise pollution as compared to preceding years.

Absolutely top notch, I say. Finally people are realizing the true essence of  celebrating festivals. Harming the environment and eventually the human soul with the torture of unbearable noise and smoke doesn't mean Diwali.  
I am glad that I was in a school, Holy Cross Convent High School, who made me comprehend that bursting crackers was a bad idea. Our teachers made us pledge never to burst fire crackers and I am following since then. 
So how did I celebrate my Diwali? Have a look.

Since it is my first Diwali after marriage as per Hindu rituals my Mom gives us the Diwali sweets and of-course GIFTS... Devil Smile :D

 Goddess Laxmi resides where there is cleanliness hence the broom which helps us clean is worshiped during Laxmi poojan.

I believe that eat sweets and spread…

Wine Review: Jacob's Creek Merlot Vintage 2012

After a really long break we have wine tastings on the blog. 
Why such a long time? There are so few good budgeted wines.We tried a couple of Indian wines, yeah we got all patriotic for the wrong reason...Tried all port, red, white, blush but none made it to the blog.
Ofcourse during out Renaissance Date we had, Prosecco but it was not budgeted so will write a review about it sometime soon. Anyways later this weekend we got a break through for our find. 
Presenting .....
Wine Name: Jacob's Creek Merlot Vintage 2012
(I know, Jacob's Creek again to the rescue;  fragrance, color, taste or cost Jacob's Creek always a First Choice )
Taste according to maker's : A medium bodied wine showing juicy red berry fruit flavors and nicely balanced acidity. The tannins are soft and fine, yielding a well rounded mid palate and a velvety texture at the finish.
Taste according to me: A sweet and spicy wine of gorgeous texture with an fragrance where you smell the spices used in it. Cinnamon or…