Love engenders Inspiration

Since October started, there is a picture everyday on Facebook via Instagram and people think I am flaunting too much... Oh Boy!!!SO ya hey I'm Flaunting ....:) my photography skills.

Now the reason behind it is InFB { Click to know more } They came up with this pretty cool challenge where in we have to post a picture everyday in the month of October according to the theme and voila a picture everyday.

We are now down with 24 days and it has been so much fun to see so many bloggers Instagraming everyday with a whole new perception. If you want to follow the flaunting brand wagon ;) then use #octoberwithinfb on Instagram. Last week and then the challenge will be over, I am so gonna miss it :(

This challenge also made me realize how  much I like well Love blogging. During the day 22 theme: Inspiration I let me self into a trans by thinking hard. What inspires me, all of us, anyone of us to keep moving ahead??
Family!? Yes.
Friends!? Yes.
Fame!? Yes. 
True all the three F's in our life push us to rise everyday with a new sunshine smile but above all this I feel that you need to be in Love to find Inspiration. 

You need to love First Yourself, your Family, Friends and your Fame unconditionally. The madness to do something, the zeal to achieve, the perseverance to make a mark, the passion for a beloved comes only and only when you are truly, madly and deeply, in Love!!!

Any craze can turn into an ardent art only if you Rise in it by loving it & I am so happy to flaunt (big rolling eyes) that I am in love with Blogging.

For those who are not on Instagram can have a look at the snaps I posted for the challenge.

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