bORA Bora with FRIENDS!

Life bloody hell takes a toll on our thinking and our understanding about Life. With each passing phase people come and go. Some leave a mark while some get erased from your memory like shift+control+delete. Some become friends, some good friends and some true friends.

How to place a person in these categories? Are such categories necessary? Why do we categorize in first place? How do we realize who is going to be with us for the rest of our life? If a friend calls you everyday then do they care about you more? If a friend is far off and doesn't exchange notes quite often but the minute you chat or call the distance dissolves then do they care about you less? 

Done with the questions, Yes. Now the answers. 

Every person who steps into your life teaches you to be the better person, of course you can choose other wise but considering you start becoming the better person then you get affiliated to the person. The more you get affectionate the more you categorize. The more you share with the favorite category the more involved you get and invest more emotions. At times you get reciprocated with more love and sometime you are disappointed. 

So if you get disappointed often then does that mean you are a loser and you can't judge people well???


 No you are not a loser but yes judging might be an issue. OK hold, when I say 'Judge People'...I want to say that, judge with which type of people you are comfortable being friends with rather try to judge which type of people would hurt you less. The secret lies within us, Expect Less even better Do not expect. Trust me, it helps a lot. 

So what do we learn??? 
1. Expect less (difficult I know) so Don't Expect (this one is easier)
2. Be around people who will hurt you less
3. Still get hurt, never mind, har ek friend jaruri hota hai.
4. When you find such people who are now your FRIENDS, then what?? 

You call them, meet them, hug them tight,take a break from work and head to Bandra,Mumbai at Bora Bora as I did for two three hours of good food and gossip time. Excellent ambiance, great options for foodies and located in Bandra which incorporates style, fashion and food with panache.  

Shoe-land, Linking Road


Gangs of Greytrix

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